7 Key Benefits of Multi-channel Listing Tools

In this article, we are going to learn the benefits of multi-channel listing tools.  Also, let’s check the history to find out the point where we started needing such tools.

Back in 2017, eCommerce sales reached $409 billion i.e. nearly half a trillion more than the previous year. By 2021, an estimation is presented, eCommerce transactions in the US would reach almost $600 billion and might go beyond it as well.

So the question is, how would you set the future benefits with this widespread growth? For this purpose, we need to grasp a multitude of sales platforms – AKA multi-channel selling tools.

Multi-Channel Listing Tools: Ultimate Solution

Multichannel sales empower the eCommerce sellers to boost the revenue by reaching a wide range of shoppers – no matter when and where they shop from. The channels of such massive sales are Amazon, eBay, and various other marketplaces.

However, along with its pros, it comes up with challenges as well. As multichannel management is extremely challenging; therefore, make no mistake.

Well, the most profitable eCommerce businesses are currently selling to their existing online customers. Basically, they are present on Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Wish, and other major marketplaces. But they make use of shoppable Instagram adverts and embedded Facebook stores to target a greater audience.

So without any further discussion, read on to unmask the seven benefits that the sellers can get from multi-channel listing tools.

1. Enhance Product Visibility

Usually, some sellers launch their eCommerce websites to boost sales. Whereas, some tend to start selling their products exclusively on marketplaces like Amazon and eBay, etc. Apart from these two options of singular channels, large-scale eCommerce businesses opt for multi-channel listing tools. These tools help them in simple selling ways having multiple sales channels. This also enables them to maximize their reach.  Besides, they can list their products on multiple marketplaces.

Along with the enhancement in their products’ visibility, the merchants can grow their brands and generate more leads.

There are many multi-channel listing tools available online such as Stock Konnect. We allow sellers to bulk list the products to marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and OnBuy in a few clicks. Plus, they can publish their Shopify, Magento, and WooCommerce products onto the marketplaces quickly and easily. And the best thing about this tool is, it provides automatic and accurate sync across products and inventory changes.

However, it is commonly seen that consumers require variety in products. And, research shows that 73% of customers buy the same brands from different marketplaces. So it’s a good practice to provide shoppers with different varieties of products.

2. Quick Processes – Save Time

The most-precious thing is ‘time’. Each merchant has 24 hours to run his business each day. It depends on how smartly they invest and manage their time on business processes.  Therefore, the manual process of listing products on various sales channels and managing them takes a lot of time. Sellers can simplify this procedure and save hours of work by tools.

With just a few clicks, they can bulk list the products to marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and OnBuy, etc. Moreover, they can have bulk update options as well. No need to manually update singular fields.

Plus, automated sync is incorporated in such tools to help the sellers manage their shared inventory easily. Such automated processes and bulk features save time, guarantees smooth selling, and minimizes the risk of error occurrence across each platform.

3. Customize Product Listings

Most of the multi-channel listing tools allow sellers to customize product listings for specific sales channels. Sellers can save the listing templates and apply them to new or existing listings Changes made to any template will automatically update its associated listings that are published.

These quick-to-do processes save a lot of effort. Now they can reinvest their effort and focus on other important aspects of the eCommerce business.

4. Get Rid of Overselling and Stockouts

It is quite challenging to manage inventory across different sales channels. A mishandled inventory can cause serious disasters to the business. The major issue that can be faced is frustrated customers. Plus, it can damage the brand’s reputation on sites like Amazon and eBay. Thus, the negative feedback on these sites can cost the sellers badly.

However, multi-channel listing tools help them easily track and monitor the stock level across every sales channel. This can help with getting rid of overselling and stockouts complaints.

Whenever a sale is made, a feature of this tool automatically updates the stock level and syncs inventory in real-time. This is how the inventory levels are properly updated to all sales channels. Thus, sellers can check the availability and the location of inventory on one screen in real-time.

5. Ship Orders Faster

Listing tools can also give eCommerce sellers a competitive edge to ship orders quickly. The popularity of Amazon Prime’s two-day delivery has elevated the customers’ expectation to get their orders quickly. This is where eCommerce listing tools can help sellers satisfy this vital demand of customers.

Such software minimizes the printing cost by enabling sellers to bulk print shipping labels. These tools do not require setting up additional postage accounts. Moreover, sellers can integrate courier service providers like UK Mail, Deutsche Post, etc. to enjoy negotiated rates.

Nevertheless, the listing software automatically notifies the sales channels when an order is shipped.  Besides, buyers are also sent info about the order tracking.

6. Manage Multiple Warehouses from One Platform

Apart from managing inventory and sales channels, the multi-channel listing tools also allow the management of warehouses from one platform.

With these tools, sellers can monitor the stock and define the route of order fulfillment. Moreover, they can even prioritize warehouses by channel. This prioritization can be set in a few clicks. For example, if Shopify orders are on the priority from a specific warehouse; simply pick the eCommerce channel, choose the warehouse, set the priority – and you’re done!

7. Efficient Customer Service

Maintaining positive and efficient customer service is also quite challenging in the eCommerce industry. With singular sales channels, you know that you are collecting all reviews on your screen. But in the case of multiple channels, you have to keep switching the tabs to figure out the channels with which the reviews are associated. Similarly, it’s difficult to manage responses through different sales channels.

So seller needs to get rid of this hectic routine and switch their businesses on a multichannel management tool. A tool that is capable to collect reviews and messages from all sales channels and place them on one screen for you. This allows the sellers to provide rapid responses to customer complaints and queries. It also helps to improve seller’s feedback on certain channels. Hence, staying on top of communication is better for the business regarding all perspectives.

In a nutshell

This post covers the seven main benefits of multichannel listing tools. These benefits can help you can scale up your business certainly. Such tools will not only help you save time but will also save your money. You no longer require the human resources to manage the tasks that are automated by these tools. This is how you save the cost of staff management as well.

With clear product listings, you can reach more customers and generate more leads ultimately. Moreover, they provide you quick order fulfillment processes, no more need to switch tabs to figure out which order to pack or ship. The tools simplify this job for you by placing them all together on one screen.

Along with efficient order fulfillment, you can get synchronized inventory connected to all sales channels whenever a sale is made.

Hence, multichannel listing tools can help you boost your revenue and generate more leads. I hope this article is fruitful for your needs. Stay tuned to get posts on more eCommerce topics.

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