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Carpet Cleaning Machine: A Great Addition in Your Cleaning Process

If you work in the cleaning industry, adding a carpet cleaning machine to your equipment is an ideal way to expand your services. As a domestic user, using the carpet cleaning machines to deep clean carpets and upholstery can extend the life of the materials by tackling the dirt and grime that hides deep within the fibers.  The addition of a carpet cleaning machine to the arsenal of a cleaning company is a great way to expand the services offered. That being said – a carpet cleaning machine can also be a great addition to a regular domestic household. A carpet cleaner will help to deep clean carpets and upholstery to get rid of those stubborn stains and dirt that is embedded deep in the fibers. The market today is awash with a huge range of types of carpet cleaners that are each suited to different environments.

Why use a carpet cleaning machine?

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Simply vacuum-cleaning a carpet doesn’t remove the dirt that ends up embedded deep down in the fibers of the carpet. Over time, this dirt can build up and leave carpets looking old and unclean. Using a carpet cleaning machine will pump water and chemicals through the deep fibers of the carpet to clean out the built-up dirt and odors. Regularly cleaning carpets will help to keep them looking new and refreshed, which can prolong the life of the carpets, saving on the expensive costs that are associated with carpet replacements.

How do carpet cleaning machines work?

Carpet cleaning machines are built to deep clean carpets. To achieve this, the vast majority of the machines available today work by pumping water and cleaning chemicals into the carpet and then pumping the used water and dirt back out, ready to be disposed of. The cleaned carpet will both feel and look clean, whilst also smelling fresh.

Most carpet cleaners will have two tanks. One for clean water that is ready to be pumped into the carpet, and another for the dirty water. As you pull the trigger, the water and cleaning chemicals are sprayed

onto the carpet and then pumped back into the machine’s dirty water tank.

Domestic Carpet Cleaning Machines

If you are looking for a carpet cleaning machine to use in your own home, it is always worth doing some initial research to pick out the best machine for you. Different types of cleaner will perform better on different surfaces and types of stain; make sure you consider how you will use the machine. Some carpet cleaners can be very heavy, and so for domestic use, try to find one that is down the lighter end of the scale and so is easy to manage for one person.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Machines

The cleaning requirements for commercial environments are often very different from those found in domestic situations. Carpet cleaners that are intended for commercial use tend to be larger with a more powerful pump and greater water capacity. This type of machine is designed to clean large areas of carpet as quickly as possible.

The larger, commercial carpet machine is suitable for use in a range of locations such as care homes, hotels, schools, and more. Commercial carpet cleaning machines are designed to clean up heavier usage carpets without compromising on the amount of time it takes. Many commercial carpet cleaning machines have optional accessories that will increase the functionality of the equipment to better suit specific cleaning requirements.

Karcher Carpet Cleaning Machines

Karcher manufactures world-leading cleaning equipment, and this includes their carpet cleaning machines. The range includes large capacity, high-performance machines that are great for commercial, regular cleaning. Handy accessories such as upholstery attachments add flexibility to the carpet cleaning machines. Karcher carpet cleaning machines have impressive specifications and large tank capacities that allow users to carry out extended cleans without needing to regularly stop to top up the water tank.

Numatic Carpet Cleaning Machines

Numatic, the innovative brand behind the Henry vacuum cleaner, also manufactures a market-leading range of professional-grade carpet cleaning machines. The Numatic range of carpet cleaning machines benefits from innovative features such as Numatic’s “tank in tank” system that makes filling and emptying a breeze. Their powerful motors, four wheels for mobility, and comprehensive accessory ranges make the Numatic range a force to be reckoned with.

Prochem Carpet Cleaning Machines

Prochem’s range of carpet cleaning machines offers a range of items from the small, portable carpet spotters all the way up to the largest state-of-the-art commercial Polaris machines. Even the smallest machines in the range benefit from large tank capacities, easy tank access, and a huge range of optional accessories to increase the functionality of the carpet cleaning machine. At the other end of the scale, the largest commercial carpet cleaning machines have the power and capacity to clean large areas quickly without compromising on results, drying time, and portability.

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