Technologies used in air purifiers

India is an underdeveloped country. India’s economy is growing day by day, pollution levels are also increasing day by day. The number of vehicles on the road is increasing. There is a huge amount of growth in factories, industries. Smoke emanating from these industries causes air pollution. The level of air pollution in India, especially in the northern region, is very dangerous.

As we all know, if we are not taking any initiative to stop air pollution then it is very harmful for the future generation.

Nowadays the use of air purifiers is in high demand. These air purifiers not only purify the air but also protect you from many diseases.

The need for air purifiers

As the number of factories, industries, and vehicles has increased, pollution levels also increased to another extent. Some experts believe that the air inside your house is more polluted than the air outside. Indoor pollutants are usually caused by the use of building materials, air fresheners, furniture, cleaning products, etc. The house has spaces, and in this area, the air cannot circulate freely.

So, in that case, we need to use the best air purifiers at home.

Advantages of air purifiers

If you have some doubt whether these air purifiers are useful or not then here are some advantages that will confirm to you that in fact, it is very useful nowadays.

  • Avoid infections:

Air purifiers ensure that you are breathing fresh and the best quality of air. It maintains fresh air surrounding the home. It protects you from many respiratory conditions and infections.

  • To purify the air:

No matter how you clean your house, dust always blows in your house, the air is always in a polluted state. Air purifiers protect you from many diseases by purifying the air and ensuring good air quality.

  • To remove odour:

It is useful to remove odors from your home, whether the smell comes from your kitchen or other things.

  • Protect from harmful smoke:

In your family, if any of the members smoke then it can be harmful to other family members including the person who is smoking. In that case, the air purifier can protect you from this harmful smoke.

  • Trap 99% bacteria:

With the help of these air purifiers, you protect yourself from bacteria as these purifiers can trap 99% of the bacteria that surround you. If you have weak immunity, you need the best air purifier in your home. Because a person with weak immunity may suffer more from diseases.

Sometimes, your pets may leave many odors in the air which are not good for you and your health. When you spend more time with your favorite pet, you may not feel that their smell is very harmful to your health. In that case, if you have an air purifier in your house, it can trap harmful odors and purify fresh air for you.

Before buying air purifiers for your home you must need to know about the various things:

To buy the best product you must have knowledge about these products so that you can buy the best product. Similarly, when you are going to buy an air purifier for your home, you have to get the best air purifier.

Air purifier technology

Today the world is known for its technology. It is like a spell in your life. Just like that, In air purifiers, there is lots of technology present.

  • HEPA Technology

Originally this technique is used in vacuum cleaners and after that in air purifiers. HEPA stands for High-Efficiency Particulate Air which is very effective for filtering 99% particles from the air. This HEPA technology has been used for so many years.

  • Activated carbon technology

This technology absorbs various harmful chemicals, gases, odors, and toxins. When you use this technique in your home, it will definitely be very useful for you.

  • UV technology

UV technology means ultraviolet technology that helps to kill germs, and bacteria by ultraviolet rays. Air purifiers usually have UV lamps, and these ultraviolet rays help to kill germs effectively. This is one of the effective techniques in killing microorganisms. It is commonly used in hospitals to kill various bacteria and microorganisms from surroundings.


In the above paragraphs, we are only discussing some common technologies used in air purifiers to kill various germs, bacteria. Everyone wants fresh air but in today’s time, it is quite difficult to get the best quality of air. Due to pollution, we are not able to do anything but we can do one thing to clean our own house i.e. we can use air purifiers in our home to protect against bacteria, viruses so that we can avoid many diseases. We hope this article will help you.



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