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Most Searched Car Models in The UK.

To say, there are almost ¾ people in the world who are interested in vehicles. Some passionate car enthusiasts keep changing their vehicles, at least every second year. The trends in cars significantly remain sustainable for at least three to four years, unless a new ravishing model snatches the spotlight.

The car trends that ruled this year has a long list of roaring new and old models of vehicles. The list of most searched car model in the UK, for the year 2020 are:

1- Kia:

Despite the fact that it ranked 9th on the list of most popular cars, it ranked first according to google searches. With a number of more than 72,000 searches till the half-year, it excelled as the most searched car in 2020. It definitely is an eye-catching model with considerably low prices.

2- Ford Fiesta:

No wonder. This model became the best seller in 2019 and has continued captivating customers even in 2020. It has been the country’s most popular car for years now. Despite the high price of Ford Fiesta, its popularity does not seem to decline, especially, not any time soon. This car competed Kia in the number of searches with 70, 800 searches till a half year. It also remained one of the popular brands searched for car leasing online.

3- Nissan:

Nissan ranked as the 8th most popular car of 2020. But it has made its place in the list of top three most searched cars in 2020. It garnered about 58,800 searches for a half year. It surely is a model to look forward to with its advanced features and affordable prices.

4- Ford Focus:

The Ford Focus reaped 57,600 searches and made 4th place in the top searched car models. It had about 33,965 new registrations in the year 2020. It also became the eighth bestselling car in October. But the bad news is that Ford will not be making Focus anymore.

5- Ford Kuga: 

In the list of top searched car models, Ford Kuga followed Ford focus this year with 50,400 searches. It is fun to ride a car with generous equipment and a plug-in hybrid model.

6- Peugeot 3008: 

The Peugeot 3008 made it into the top ten by hitting the number of 50,400 searches, which is equal to Ford Kuga. Its bold style, comfortable and convenient features make it outstanding among its competitors as Seat Ateca.

7- VW Tiguan

The searches for this car model surged 49,200 for the half year in 2020. This makes VW Tiguan entrance into the top 10 searched car models. The number is low for a brand like Volkswagen, which ranked as number second in most popular car brands 2020.

8- VW golf

VW Golf, another VW car model along with Tiguan made it to the top 10The number of searches for this car model on google was about 48,000.

9- Range Rover 

The range rover was able to swipe a total of 46, 800 searches to rank ninth. However, Landrover ranked 10th in most popular car brands according to the selling point of view.

10- Mercedes A-class 

The final and 10th placed car model that hit 42,000 searches is the Mercedes A-class. The Mercedes makes it to fourth place in terms of popularity but became the one with the least searches among top brands.

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