Social Media Marketing Strategy for Instagram

You’ll want to aim to be featured on Instagram in 2020. It’s the latest social media marketing strategy that’s taking the world by storm. Just like Facebook, it’s free for all users to join and create their own profile page.

First off, try something new and different

Try adding some photos from your recent trips and vacations. People will appreciate that you’re not stuck in a rut with the same boring settings on other pages. Be creative! Next, if you don’t have any photos already, upload some of your best ones to your account. Be sure to tag the people in the photos so they’ll know who’s in them. Then, encourage people to “like” them. The more people like your posts, the more popular they’ll become.

Encourage interaction

Add a question to your post. Then encourage your friends to answer them. Once you get responses, you’ll see an increase in followers. It’s a win-win situation for everyone!

Keep your Instagram updates timely

Don’t post anything old. Post current news or things that people are talking about right now. You can also show people your opinion on things if you like. This will help keep your account fresh and current.

Post images that make you think

If you take pictures of interesting places around you or your friends, post these images to Instagram. People will be pleasantly surprised to see new photos from places they’ve never been before. It can give you an idea of what they would be like if they actually visited those places. And they may decide to visit them one day.

Build and promote relationships

Reach out to your Instagram followers and grow your community. Make it easy for them to contact you by asking for suggestions or promoting events they might be interested in offer help. Send tips and advice. Just be friendly you’re after all trying to get followers who will be like you. Remember that you have bigger goals for Instagram as well. You want to be able to reach followers and many of them would have to be Instagram fans. So work towards your ultimate goal. If you can show people that you can be helpful and have goals too, then you’ll have far more success than if you focus only on posting your photo and hoping the people will just comment and tag their friends.

Unique Content

Focus on content, not on followers. It’s all about how useful you can be to your Instagram followers by providing valuable content first. So, upload photos that show off your personality, your talents, your skills and ideas. Upload videos of you doing those things. If you need any editing or help with your videos, send a request to Instagram and they’ll do the work for you.

Create Group

Share other people’s content with your followers. Create your own group and upload pictures and videos of what you’re doing. Encourage your friends to share your posts with their followers and maybe you’ll even get some new ones. Also, remember that just because someone else posted an image on Instagram that you want it to be on yours does not mean you have to post it. Just do it yourself first and then put your followers’ names in the author box to encourage others to do the same. Don’t be a spammer. Don’t ever try to sell anything on Instagram. Do your job as a professional online marketer and give sincere and helpful information. Help your follower’s access the tools they need to be successful on Instagram and only promote quality content so that your followers feel valued.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Don’t forget that a photo is worth a thousand words. Treat each photo or video like a real one caption it accurately, share it with your followers and make it interesting and relevant. A great image that doesn’t get shared will lose its overall impact. And a photo or video that gets shared can make you look fewer spams. Aim to be featured to gain Instagram followers that will bring in more business for you. But be sure to keep it natural. In general, people on Instagram are there to socialize. They’re not there to click ads or buy something. This social media marketing strategy for Instagram will work if you approach it with the right attitude and a sense of humor.

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