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Camel Trekking Dubai

Camel trekking in Dubai can be done during hot summer days or winter nights. Riding on the back of an ancient camel through the wide stretched sand dunes of the Arabian Desert is indeed, adventurous. You get to witness the exotic wildlife thriving in the harsh heat of the sand, surviving for survival against the predators. Camel trekking in Dubai also gives you an opportunity to visit the natural waterfalls and springs of the area.

Best Camel Trekking Dubai Packages

Best camel trekking in Dubai Packages are available for both short duration tours and longer duration tours. In order to have an adventure trip in the Arabian Desert, you need to know the right areas for camel trekking in Dubai. The best place is Al-Gabel, in the north of Dubai. The desert terrain is very rugged and the journey takes about three and a half days. During this journey you will see an amazing natural beauty of rolling dunes, high mountains, broken formations and waterfalls.

At the end of your ride you will come across a cold desert landscape. The second best place for camel trekking in Dubai is the Thalhumah region. This area is very popular because it has many tourists all the year round. It has many hot springs where you can enjoy the refreshing drink. The third best place for camel trekking in Dubai is the Al-Gabel region. You will come across many attractive terrains such as rocky heights, lowlands and plateaus.

How to do Fun In Camel Trekking

You will come across many hot springs here which will rejuvenate you after your exhausting camel ride in the desert. The main city of Dubai, Bur Dubai also has many beautiful sights and attractions that will surely make your holiday in Dubai memorable. Other than these there are many other activities like sand boarding, sky diving, and surfing, camel safari, your hotel tour, swimming and many more.

So, if you want to spend your holiday to the fullest then make sure that you visit some of these places in your Dubai holiday. Some of the places where you can visit for camel trekking in Dubai are Al-Gabel, Thalhumah, Al Hajar Mountains, Dune Hanging, Toubkal, Al Jawf, Baitul Maqsrad, and others. These are only few places but they have the amazing landscape which will surely take your breath away. If you are looking forward for a complete adventure holiday then one of the best tours packages for Dubai is the Dubai Desert Safari.

How to ride on a Camel

This tour packages will give you the opportunity to enjoy the camels and other wild animals in their natural habitat. You will get an opportunity to see the different species of the different animals like the Arabian Leopard, African Lion, Wild Dog, Red Deer, and many more. You will not only enjoy camel trekking in Dubai but this adventure tour will also take you to the Al Hajar Mountains where you will see spectacular scenery and spectacular panoramas.

There are many more exciting activities available in Dubai Desert Safari. On the other hand if you want something a little bit quieter and peaceful then you can opt for the camel rides. This is a less noisy and crowded than the traditional camel ride in Egypt. For this type of tour you will need to book the camel trekking Dubai tour packages online. There are several tour operators who offer camel trekking Dubai holidays at a reasonable price.

How to get Required Equipment

These tour operators will provide the camels and other required equipment required for this journey. One of the most popular camel trekking activities in Dubai is desert safari. If you want to experience the serenity of deserts and the various flora and fauna of the area. Then you must go for the Dubai desert safari. The tour operator will arrange the required equipment of this activity along with expert guides. Who will guide you through this activity. There are several camp sites available on the site which provide accommodation to the travelers. Desert safari in Dubai gives the tourists an opportunity to enjoy the sightseeing opportunities as well as the adventure of the Arabian Desert.

Camel Trekking Dubai With Desert safari With BBQ and Music | Things To Do In Dubai

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