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Seeking out Quality in Size 15 Boots

Seeking out Quality in Size 15 Boots

Those who do not have extra large feet can scarcely understand the frustration of those who do. For whatever reason, there are just so few suppliers of boots and shoes in extended sizes, and if you have large feet, you can’t really go around without shoes. It’s not really an option.

That is especially true when you have a need for boots, because boots will protect your feet in ways that other shoes cant. Maybe if you have a pair of tennis shoes, you can wear them instead of dress shoes. It might look weird but you can get away with it. Don’t think about wearing the same tennis shoes in place of a good pair of size 15 boots.

Therefore let’s take a look at what type of quality you should look for in a pair of size 15 boots, other than the prerequisite quality that, if you have a size 15, the boots should be size 15 as well.

Your needs in boot will vary according to your use for them, but in general, look for boots that are supportive. Cushioned insoles, especially those with footbeds that can be removed and replaced when they get crushed, are desirable. A cushioned insole and midsole will help to absorb the stresses and shocks of being on your feet and can redirect energy and provide rebound with each step.

That support will have the most immediate impact on your comfort, and that will affect everything else. After you have comfort cornered, get into the other features of the boots to ensure that what you go with will protect you.

In terms of durability, you should look for boots with welted soles that are stitched through to the bottom of the sole if possible. That will make it all but impossible for the sole to separate from the upper, and it will also protect the upper from stress. In addition, boots with welted soles will prolong any waterproofing qualities of the boots and even of insulation.

On the matter of the soles, you should get a boot with a shank in the sole. Steel is the toughest material, but still is heavy and can set off security alarms, so if you fly a lot, you might want to look for nylon or composite shanks. These will add years to the life of the boot and will also make it more comfortable for you to be on your feet for long hours, even reducing fatigue while walking.

After this, you might want to look for a safety toe, electrical hazard rating, or even resistance to oil, gas and other chemicals. You might need boots that are insulated to wear outside in the winter. You have to be diligent in your search to ensure that the boots you get meet your requirements.

On that note, whatever you are looking for in a pair of size 15 boots, you can find it at XL feet on their website, As you might have gleaned from the name, XL feet specializes in providing extra large shoes and boots to guys who would otherwise have trouble finding them. Check out their website today; there you will find plenty of boots that meet the requirements laid out here, and many more.

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