Points to consider when applying Indefinite Leave to remain under Sole Rep Visa

Indefinite Leave to Remain is an immigration status in the UK which implies that there is no time limit in the ability of a person’s stay in the UK. Indefinite Leave to Remain under Sole Representative Visa or Representative of an Overseas Business Visa is possible if the sole rep’s last remain to leave has been under sole representative or representative of an overseas business or overseas media employee. However, the sole rep must continue to meet all the requirements for the current leave to remain. Please note that if the sole rep’s current leave to remain is as representative of an overseas media company and looking to apply for ILR under the Sole Rep Visa, the Sole Rep must submit an ILR application by employing the application form Set (BUS). If the Sole Rep is holding current status as representative of an overseas media house, they must make an application in favour of settlement by utilizing the SET (O) application form. 

Requirements to qualify for Settlement under the Representative of an overseas business Visa 

In order to be eligible for settlement under the Representative of an Overseas Business Visa, the sole rep must:

  • Meet continuous residence in the UK for a span of 5 years under the Representative of an Overseas Business Visa or Sole Rep Visa. 
  • Not have claimed any kind of benefits or resorted to public funds. 
  • Remained employed throughout the period with the same company as their entry clearance was granted for. The Sole needs to demonstrate this with the help of payslips from the past of 5 years. 
  • Provide evidence that the principal place of business continues to lie outside the UK. 
  • Provide evidence that a branch or wholly-owned subsidiary in the UK is established with successful business generation. 
  • Provide proof that the employer still needs him or her for the job and also pay appropriate salary required to carry out the job.
  • Continue to meet the English Language Requirements.


UK Sole Rep Visa has clearly specified dependents as being the spousal partner or child of sole rep. The Child under the entry clearance of Sole Representative Visa guidance must be under the age of 18. However, child dependents above 18 can still qualify as dependents if and only if they’ve reached the age of 18 in the UK as a child dependent of the Sole Representative applicant. If the dependent has been residing lawfully in the UK for a period of 5 years, then he or she can apply for settlement when the main applicant is applying for theirs. 

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