Before picking the perfect fastpitch softball bats for your unique style, there are some factors you need to consider or look for. Some the basic factors are:

1. Length 

These are the two most important factors to consider. For you to determine the perfect weight and length for you or your players, you need to take multiple variables into considerations.  These variables are your personal preference, hitting mechanics, and strength.

There are few simple ways to measure if a bat is the right length for you or not.

Hold the bat and stand it up vertically beside your leg. It should be a suitable length if it reaches your mid-hip

Put the bat bottom knob on the center of your chest while facing outward. The length of the bath will be appropriate for you if you can grab the barrel of the bat.

Put the knob of the bath at the center of your chest, and then extend the barrel out towards your fingertips. You have a perfect length if you can touch the end of the bat using your fingertips.        

2. Weight

The weight of the bat you would go for depends on your strength. If you can conveniently swing a heavier bat, then you can go for it. But remember that you need an efficient bat speed so be careful not to pick the one that is heavier for you. It might negatively affect your performance.

If you want to know the perfect weight for you, hold the bat and extend your hand to the side. If you are able to hold the bath like that for 30 seconds, it means you can easily swing it.         

With the bat sizing chat below you will be able to answer your question, “what is the perfect softball bat length for me?”  

To use the chart above, find your height across the top and find your weight on the left-hand side. Trace your height in a downward way and to the right of your weight until you meet in the middle. 


Softball bats are classified into two types. They are one-piece bats and two-piece bats. The one-piece bats have the hand and barrel in one piece. They are molded or curve so that both the barrel and handle are part of the same structural body. On the contrary, two-piece bats are made up of separate parts. The handle can be from a different or similar material.

If you are a batter looking for minimum flex, the one-piece is a solid part and perfect for you. But if you want to get maximum trampoline effect from your bat, a two-piece bat would suit you well.

4. Drop 

 When playing the beautiful game of Fastpitch and shopping for the best fastpitch softball bats, the drop is one of the most talked about. If you are a beginner or new player, it might seem difficult, but it is simply the difference between the weight measured in ounces and the length measured in inches.

When the drop is lesser, then the bat will be heavier causing it to be too much to handle at the plate. As dictated by ASA rules, the drop should be between 8 and 12. So you should make sure the drop of the bat you are going for falls within the allowed parameter.

5. Material 

The performance, weight, and durability of the bat are determined by the material it is made from. Manufacturers build different bats with different materials, and they have both advantages and disadvantages.

Hybrid bats feature two-piece bats with an alloy barrel and a composite handle.

Composite bats are one of the most commonly used. They are forged with fiber, fiberglass, and graphite. They are very durable compared to other bats, but the only disadvantage they have is that you cannot use them in lots of leagues.

Alloy bats are forged from a mixture of other metals and aluminum. They are very durable, and most of them come in one piece. They are light and attractive compared to bats made from other materials.

6. Budget 

There are various brands of fastpitch softball bats, such as Worth, Miken, Easton, Louise Slugger, DeMarini and other brands. No doubt, their prices vary. Bats from high-end manufacturers would probably cost more than those from the manufacturer’s people rarely know. But this does not always mean they are of a better quality.

Consider the amount you can spare for a bat. Remember, it would not be good to purchase a bat you cannot afford. It could have a negative impact on your financial status. Since you can get a bat as cheap with some few bucks, when your budget is tight, you should look for cheap bats.

7. Approval To Use In League

 If you are going to play in a league, it is important you pick your bat wisely. The rules of leagues vary when it comes to gear that you can use. Whether you are playing in the national, state, professional, school or college league, you need to be aware of the rule and regulations that guide the gears before buying the bats.

It would be disappointing and frustrating to buy a bat worth thousands of dollars only to realize that you can use them in your league

8. Check Reviews Of Other Users

No doubt, you will not be the first person to buy a softball bat, and you are not going to be the last. One of the best sources of information about the bat you want to purchase is by reading reviews. When you see a bat with a high percentage of positive reviews, then it is probably the perfect one to go for.

Common Mistakes Buyer Make When Buying The Best Fastpitch Softball Bats 

As we all know, the bat is the basic tool needed to play the game of Fastpitch. Purchasing the best bat will ensure you enjoy the game more. All in the name of buying the best, most coaches and players make some mistakes which are very common. Some of the most common ones are:

Picking The Wrong Length And Weight

As I have earlier said, length and weight are one of the basic factors you need to consider when picking a bat. Do you know many people make the mistake of choosing the wrong length?

They choose a bat with long or short length. The same thing applies to the weight. Most people choose larger bats and even excessively lighter bats. You should avoid making these mistakes.

Relying On The Color, You Love Most

No doubt, you have your favorite color, and this applies to other people or players. But you should not allow how attractive and beautiful a bat is to determine your purchase. Remember the saying “not everything that shines is gold.” If you like the appearance of a bat, you should take time to inspect it and see if it has the criteria that will make it perfect for you.

Considering The Swing Of Other Players

Most people think because their teammate is using a bat and performing well, then that is the right bat for them too.

No! It might not be. There are several factors you need to consider before you can conclude that it is the perfect bat for you too. Pick one that will perform best when you have it in your hands. If you use other player’s or people’s criteria to select the bat to use, you might not be able to perform well as they do.

Purchasing Without Enough Information

Normally, do you think it is the best idea to go to a store to purchase a product you don’t know a thing about? You might be risking a lot of things by doing this. You risk wasting your money, time, and even your game as a player.

Don’t be too excited that you will make the mistake of buying a bat you don’t know anything about. If you don’t have the proper knowledge about the bat or its brand, then don’t buy it. If you do, it could be the worst mistake you can ever make. 

However, if you wish to explore some other bats apart from the one I mentioned make sure you read the buyers guide for you to have a better understanding of how to pick the best for you. Remember, the mistake shouldn’t be an option when purchasing a bat. The buyer’s guide is ready to help you out.

In case, you have something to say, don’t hesitate to use the comment box.  

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