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Main Approaches That Help You Shoot Your Target Accurately In Recurve Bow

Main Approaches That Help You Shoot Your Target Accurately In Recurve Bow Are:

1. Gapping

The Gap Method For More Consistency!

Gapping is an extremely conscious method of aiming your target. What is a Gap? The trajectory of the arrow is not flat; it is somewhat elliptical in shape. When the arrow reaches its peak point, it descends rapidly. The descent of an arrow is much shorter as compared to its ascent.

The heavier the draw weight the faster will be the speed of the arrow. Hence, the trajectory of the arrow will be flatter. For lighter draw weights, the speed of the arrow will be slow and the trajectory will be more pronounced.

A Gap shooter needs to find out the trajectory of his arrow and compensate with it to hit the bullseye accurately. The gap is nothing but the distance between the trajectory of the bow and the aiming point.

Using a split-finger will cause larger gaps, so it is better to use three-finger techniques. This will create shorter gaps, as your arrow will be much closer to your eye in the 3-finger method.

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For gap shooting, you will need a piece of paper, a pen, and a measuring ruler.

Set up your aiming point and try to hit it from series of distances starting from 10 yards, take a shot towards the bullseye Measure the gap between the aiming point and the point where your arrow it let’s say your measured gap is 10 inches.

Now, for hitting the bullseye, you need to aim your shot 10 inches below all you are doing here is finding the trajectory of your arrow and inverting it to accurately hit the aim point now repeat this process for 15 yards, 20 yards, 25 yards, and 30 yards Write down all of your Gaps and study how they differ for every distance you need to master the skill of Ranging, so you know how to technically use your gaps to hit the aim

2. String-Walking

String-Walking is the most accurate technique of shooting. It provides you with a high level of consistency, which is why this method is used by most of the Pro Archers. The only way you can shoot with the String-Walking method is by using a 3-finger approach.

When you string-walk, you are pointing the arrow right where you want to take a shot by keeping the arrow as close to your eye as possible, regardless of the range. So, how do you adjust with the trajectory of the arrow?

Tighter Groups with String Walking!

Here, you need to adjust the point where you are going to grab the string. Through consistent testing, you will know exactly where to grab your string. Now, when you knock your serving, there are tiny little loops. If you count each loop deviate, you will know how much distance you need to move down or move up for an accurate shot.

The best equipment to use for String-Walking would be a Take-down Recurve Bow that comes with an arrow riser.

A take-down bow is a gear that allows you to detach both limbs from the riser. These are easier to carry around, designed to handle the stress of string-walking, and are much easier to repair.

3. Instinctive Shooting

The Secret to Instinctive Archery

Instinctive shooting is often misunderstood that it does not needs to be learned. However, it is like training your unconscious mind to make adjustments whenever you spot a target.

Firstly, you ought to have a repeatable and consistent shot cycle to enhance the skill of Instinctive shooting.

Shot-cycle refers to everything you are doing while shooting an arrow. If you are repeating every part of this process, you will eventually improve your consistency with time.

Recurve Bow
Recurve Bow

How to Shoot a Recurve bow?

If you are planning to use your recurve bow for hunting, you might want to opt for a bow that has a higher draw weight.

The next thing you want to decide is whether you want a ‘take-down bow’ or a ‘one-piece bow’. A take-down bow allows easy portability and also helps to alter the draw weight.

If you ever feel like going for a higher draw weight, you can just purchase a new set of limbs instead of buying whole new bow equipment.

Selecting The Right Arrow

Draw length is the length that your arm can pull back while shooting a bow. For beginners, you can measure your draw length by a simple method. Stand against the wall and spread your hands parallel to the ground with open stretched palms.

Measure the distance (in inches) between one end of your hand to the other end of your hand. Now, divide this distance by 2.5. This will determine your draw length. Arrow length will be fairly 1.5 or 2” longer than the draw length.

Arrow Selection – How to Choose the Right One

Make sure the arrow has a heavier shaft and fine penetration power if you are using it for hunting. For target shooting, the penetration power does not matter that much.

Also, make sure the broad-head of an arrow is sturdy, durable, and can capably pierce sharply through the target while hunting.

Loading The Bow

A fine-quality bow stringer will allow you to securely and consistently string the bow.

Arrows are the next thing on the list. Make sure to measure your draw length with the help of an expert, and then ask his advice on which to purchase.

The nocking point needs to be attached to the string and it will function as a constant place from where you can shoot the arrow each time. It will help you to direct shots correctly and protect your hand from injuries caused by vanes.

For practice sessions, you might want to consider buying a target. A good-quality target will protect your arrows from bending or breaking and also will not allow complete penetration of an arrow.

Accessorizing The Recurve Bow

Not all of the below-mentioned accessories are necessary to use, but some of them might ease the process of shooting.

Wearing an armed guard on the forearm of your bow hand will protect it, especially when the string hits your hand. Finger tabs will ease the strain you feel while drawing back an arrow. Without finger tabs, your fingers might suffer from blisters.

Arrow rest is a useful accessory that can be used to position an arrow while drawing it.

A wrench for unfastening broad-heads also comes in handy to detach its tip from the arrow without cutting your fingers.

Wax for bowstring will protect the string from breaking and also protect it from dirt, moisture, etc. Lube the bowstring with good-quality wax, every 2 to 3 weeks.

Bow Accessories

A sight helps you to aim the bow efficiently towards your target. Beginners might try it out for learning how and where to aim the bow. Pro archers do not always prefer a sight.

Quiver is also one of the significant things to purchase, as it will enhance the lifespan of your bows. A quiver is like a container used to store the arrows prior to their use. Mostly they need to be attached to your shoulder or around your waist.


For right-handed archers, it is recommended to position your left hip pointing towards the target (vice versa for left-handed archers). Do not lean towards any side and keep your body posture straight. Your feet must be at a 90°angle with your target and must be shoulder-width apart from each other.

Center yourself along the shooting line and stand firmly. Turn your head towards the target, without turning your whole body. Do not hunch up the shoulders and keep your chest in.


Hold the bow securely yet with ease; do not hold it too tightly.  Recurve Bow comes with a handle, so you will eventually know how and where to grip them.

The thumb and index finger needs to be turned inwards to some extent and other fingers should be in a relaxed position.

Now, the notch integrated at the end of an arrow needs to be fitted onto the bowstring. Notching points will help you to place the arrow better. Nocking the arrow must be done before lifting the whole equipment.

Lift the loaded bow and make sure to keep your elbows straight and locked. Draw the string back until your hand reaches right beneath your jaws.

The bowstring should be very close to your face and near to the corner of your mouth. Do not face your body towards the target; only turn your head towards it.


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