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Must Visit Places in Islamabad Pakistan

Must Visit Places in Islamabad Pakistan

Welcome to Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan. You might be thinking of an ordinary capital or city, but unfortunately, it is extraordinary. It is ranked as the second most beautiful capital in the world, and it makes you in love with itself in a few blinks. On one side it is surrounded by the green Himalayas; on the other, there are plains. You might be unable to picture it in your mind, but the things I am going to tell you will make Islamabad your next destination. There are many Must Visit Places in Islamabad.

Islamabad is the part of Pothohar Plateau, and the Margalla act as a border between the province of Punjab and KPK. The masterplan of Islamabad, which a Greek architect designed, is divided into different zones including the administrative zone, diplomatic enclave, residential zones, commercial zones, and parks. The essence behind Islamabad’s unparalleled beauty is its environment. With greenery everywhere, the atmosphere feels very natural, with minimal pollution. The Margalla and its view from each and every part make Islamabad so beautiful.

Islamabad – Beautiful Capital of Pakistan

Islamabad is the version of what a present-day Pakistani city has to appear to be. Clusters of homes divided into zones, laid out as a grid with a substantial community of roads connecting all of them collectively like a spider web. Among the buildings, inexperienced vegetation is sprinkled all around the town, making it the greenest town in the Pakistan. Rickshaws are banned due to loud noises, and the streets are as easy as day. It is what the government anticipated a capital town ought to be, and they went all in with it.

Islamabad also has an unsightly twin sister town known as Rawalpindi that’s located next to it. You may also have noticed traveling from Lahore that buses coming to Islamabad are categorized Rawalpindi in preference to Islamabad (sure, I was careworn at the start too) so do no longer be alarmed. Rawalpindi is a vintage metropolis. It is the polar contrary of Islamabad. It is loud, grimy, has horrible visitors, and is unorganized. In case you need a calmer experience, I’d propose fending off lodging in Rawalpindi. Additionally, be sure that the lodging you booked is genuinely in Islamabad and no longer Rawalpindi because that makes a big distinction.

The first factor in the morning, take an Uber and go to Pakistan Monument. The monument is constructed on the pinnacle of a hill in a spacious park. By being there early in the morning, you’ll have the entire place to yourself so you can stroll around at your very own amusement used to be there at nine:30 AM, and there have been simplest two human beings strolling around the park. You should make sure to arrive early because this region gets pack fast.

Visit the Lok Virsa Museum of Islamabad

Only a minute’s walk far away from the Pakistan Monument. You may locate the Lok Virsa historical past Museum, a brilliant contemporary museum of Pakistan’s history, art, and tradition, and different central Asian nations. The museum consists of each outside and indoor exhibitions, starting from a group of presentations showcasing Pakistan’s vibrant and numerous cultures. Specific regions to allowing you to pay attention to recordings of traditional songs and watch several domestically-produced cultural documentaries. There may be no better location to find out about Pakistan than at the Lok Virsa Museum. We also have Pakistan Northern Areas Tour Packages from all over the world.

Devour Your Manner – Centaurus Mall’s Meals Court

I know, I recognize, you’re probably thinking why touring a mall is on this listing but listen to me out. From the out of the door, Pakistan is a very conservative country. While you stroll around a town like Lahore or Rawalpindi, you will forget that there is also a present-day facet to this Pakistan. Its miles are satisfactorily seen in a place like the Centaurus Mall. Additionally, they have a food court full of each local and western food chain to indulge you for days. I had the high-quality naan sandwich here, which is also an excellent region to stock up on food and snack before you start heading up north within the mountains of Pakistan.

You can buy every type of local and branded stuff in one place. Different brands and shop exhibit their commodities with fix prices or with sale tags. After this no need to go some other place to visit for shopping and to buy household goods. Highly recommended for families and kids.

Check out the Daman-e-Koh Islamabad

At around 3 PM, when the light is simply perfect, take an Uber as much as the Daman-e-Koh perspective, wherein you can see why they name Islamabad the greenest town in the united states. There is no higher view of the town than this. To see the best aerial view of Islamabad its fall in must visit places in Islamabad.

In case you are there on a Sunday, small carnival-like marketplace full of snacks will greet you with a  and small amusement rides (bouncing castles and the spinning teacups) and plenty and plenty of locals enjoying themselves, having a laugh with their families Masses and masses of locals playing themselves, laughing with their households. It’s one of the high-quality times to mingle with the locals in Islamabad. They’re very welcoming, particularly when they are glad!

Monal Restaurant – Must Visit Place in Islamabad for Food

Similarly, up the hill from the Daman-e-Koh point of view, you’ll locate a nice restaurant known as Monal, wherein you can dine nearby and have western meals with an excessive vantage point of Islamabad surrounded by the aid of the hills of Margalla Hills. The food is pretty pricey and may not be the most delicious, but you cannot beat the view of Islamabad from above at sundown. One of the best places to visit in Islamabad with family and friends. One should have the spare time to visit this restaurant to check the tasty and delicious food with great ambiance. Aerial view of Islamabad will astonished you and add fun enjoy in your meal table.

Faisal Mosque that is Must Visit Places in Islamabad

Faisal Mosque is one of the most iconic landmarks in Islamabad and a for the appropriate purpose. It’s the most important mosque in the Pakistan that may hold 100,000 worshippers straight away. The mosque’s design may be very specific, with the shape shaped as a Bedouin tent instead of the standard dome-shaped exterior. Which you locate in maximum mosques around the sector.

The shape is spectacular, however, even more so proper after sundown as the natural mild subsided. And the synthetic mild took over, illuminating the shape with an orange hue. You should take essentials travel gadgets while travel to other city.

The structure is outstanding, however, even more so right after sundown. Because the herbal light subsides and the artificial light takes over, illuminating the structure with an orange hue. I was there around 6:00 PM and waited as the sky turned red, the shape turned orange, and the prayer call echoed throughout the city. It turned into one of the top non-secular moments in Pakistan. If you could make it to the mosque, ensure you’re there at sundown. You’ll now not remorse it.

Shah Allah Ditta Caves:

It is interesting to note that Islamabad is home to many haunted places, including Shah Allah Ditta Caves. There are many things to do in Islamabad, but this is one of the best. Some important historical sites in Margalla, including Shah Allah Ditta Caves. The village near the caves dates back 700 years and served as a route connecting Kabul and Gandhara. Regarding the caves, historians have estimated they are approximately 2400 years old. Relics from the Buddhist, Aurangzeb, and Hindu periods have been found in these caves. You can enjoy the sunset at this place in Islamabad if you are looking for a place to watch it.
Currently, the caves are used for reading, eating pakoras & chai, and listening to soothing music. Pakistan has some amazing deserts that you should explore if you are adventurous.

Saidpur Town:

This place is one of the top places to go to Islamabad. Saidpur is an ancient village with a rich history, located near the Margalla Hills, Islamabad, among the top 10 hiking trails in Pakistan. In the past, it remained a Hindu village where worshippers from far-flung areas came to worship. The remains of the town are still present today, where tourists come regularly.
The government has now contemporized the village and turned it into a stylish town with various posh eateries and eateries. If you want to spend a good day surrounded by music, culture, and good food, which includes prevalent fruits in Pakistan, then Saidpur Village, Islamabad, is the place for you to be. Also, if you are looking for places to visit in Islamabad at night, assume this place. All above places you should visit once in your life. Then you will never find such a place in other world.

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