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Mass Gainer Protein Powder for Muscle Growth – A Complete Guide

We all have different fitness goals. While losing weight is a goal, others want to gain weight, adding more muscle and strength. But, our hectic lifestyles, fluctuating hunger levels, and lack of time to take care of our nutritional needs make it challenging to achieve our goals. Well, special thanks to supplements like Mass Gainer Protein Powder that have come to our rescue.

How do Supplements Help Us Reach Our Fitness Goals?

The research suggests that protein supplements significantly improve muscle size and strength in healthy adults who perform resistance exercise training. These supplements supply nutrients that are lost during periods of physical exertion. Depending on your exercise, they provide the proper nutrients in the right quantities.

Everything is fine! But when it comes to finding the right supplements to meet your fitness needs, it can be quite an exciting challenge. Today the market is flooded with several supplements and alternative protein stores. If you want to increase body weight, build lean muscles, seek muscle repair and recovery and stay fit, then mass gainer protein powder is the right choice for you.  

Why Mass Gainer Protein Powder?

Whether you are looking to bulk up? Or have trouble getting calories needed to support lean muscle growth? Mass gainer protein is the perfect supplement. Generally, it comprises protein and carbs in a ratio of 3:1 or 2:1. In a nutshell, they are different from standard protein powders that contain more carbohydrates and high-quality calories that provide protein and possibly fats to promote weight gain. 

Benefits of Mass Gainer:

  • Provides fibers and helps in the removal of toxins from the body
  • Aids in muscle growth and recovery
  • Provide you with a good amount of carbohydrates
  • Excellent source of vitamins and minerals too
  • Help you to fulfill your every day caloric requirements
  • Specially formulated fats help you stay leaner
  • Meet your creatine needs more effectively
  • You may quickly gain fat
  • Boost workout performance
  • Helps you keep leaner
  • Building muscles during intense workouts or training sessions

Let’s Unfold the Things You Should Look While Buying a Mass Gainer?

Always Focus on Quality Protein Content:

The main reason for consuming Mass Gainer is that we want to gain body weight, build lean muscle mass, repair muscles, and meet our daily caloric requirements. That’s why it is necessary to analyze the quality of protein content in the product. This means that your protein source needs to provide you with all of the essential amino acids that your body cannot synthesize. Buy a mass gainer that offers 40-50grams of protein per serving.

Expert Tip* Avoid Mass Gainers with Soy Protein (Because it contains estrogen)

Look For Carbohydrates:

Don’t go for mass gainers that have cheap carbohydrates. Like protein, carbohydrates are also essential. Sometimes, some products are priced lower but contain no or low-quality carbs. They cannot provide you any benefit but will only lead to health issues. Consider the label to check the ratio of carbs and their source. The ideal carb ratio is 3:1, and the best sources are oats powder, quinoa powder, maltodextrin, etc. Therefore, choose wisely.

Keep Eyes on Increased Sugar Content:

Sugar is an empty calorie. Adding it to foods and beverages significantly increases their caloric content without any nutritional benefits. Products that naturally contain sugar are different. But, if the product has high sugar content, it is probably not good for your health. However, getting a quality one provides nutrients from pure sources. The U.S. Dietary Guidelines recommend that 20 grams of sugar in a supplement is more than enough when only a tiny amount of energy is needed for your activity. Otherwise, the high sugar content may be acceptable for athletes.

Do Not Forget About Digestive Enzymes:

All-in-one mixture gainers should also contain essential digestive enzymes. They are necessary to help inefficient absorption of nutrients without significantly burdening the digestive process. As a result, it also reduces the chances of inflammation.

Right Balance of Minerals and Vitamins:

A high-calorie count characterizes a good mass gainer. Wait, but that doesn’t mean they’re all nutritionally empty. Vitamins and minerals are necessary for your body to stay healthy. Buy a mass gainer that has the right balance of minerals and vitamins. Yes, it offers a complete dietary package. 

Whether buying 100 Whey Protein or Mass Gainer online or offline, you can quickly analyze everything. As you can quickly go through the product description and check the image. But,

Here Are Few Tips For Online Purchase:

  • Choose a reputable brand or protein store
  • Compare products and brands
  • Search about seller and source of manufacturing 
  • Be smart and check a range of review sites & read them about a particular product 
  • Do not believe in false claims (always check product USP verified mark or stamp)
  • Steer clear of supplements made in China
  • Skip dubious ingredients includes kava, bitter orange, Contaminated L-tryptophan, Chromium
  • Powders are better than capsules, and capsules are better than tablets; choose as per your preferences
  • Avoid free supplements, if any site offers during Signup (it’s usually a red flag)
  • If you are a newbie, then start taking one supplement at a time
  • Low cost does not guarantee quality (compare the price before purchase)

How Can You Get Benefit From Mass Gainers?

Now that you know what a mass gainer is, a relevant question arises. So let’s get started:

People with Fast Metabolism:

Have you ever noticed that you take the proper amount of protein, eat enough but remain skinny and lean? If yes, then you have a faster metabolism. If someone has a fast metabolism, then they tend to burn calories at a quicker rate. For all of them, mass gainers are perfect supplements. It offers more energy and resources to help recover muscles. 


For challenging workout needs, Bodybuilders must consume a high number of calories. And mass gainer helps them provide all necessary nutrients, fats, and protein. Due to their high carbohydrate & protein content, they are ideal for post-workout muscle recovery.


A mass gainer can be a good choice if you are a sports person or athlete. They furnish a good dose of protein and stimulate the repair of body tissues. Athletes need 1.2 to 1.4 grams for each kilogram of body weight per day. One who performs strength training? Need 1.2 to 1.7 grams per day (or you can increase if required)

Hard Gainers:

Hard Gainers-Can I Take Mass Gainer Protein Powder? If you’re one of those who think so, then the answer is yes. Hard gainers are also recommended for consumption by mass gainers. Mix two scoops with 710ml of water; this is the perfect serving.

A Few Reminders to Keep In Mind:

  • If you’re suffering from any health condition (no matter how major or minor), consult a doctor before taking supplements.
  • “Natural” doesn’t always mean safe. Beware!
  • Get your healthcare provider’s approval before taking dietary supplements.

Key Takeaway:

Gainers are a way to increase calorie intake and supply the body with essential nutrients for muscle growth. Since it contains essential fatty acids, they play several roles, especially at the cellular level, essential for building your muscles. So make sure you keep these things in mind. When appropriately used, weight gainers can give you the ‘edge’ to take your muscle building to a whole new level and help you to achieve your fitness goals. 

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