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What you can see in the city of Houston

Houston city is the biggest town in Texas and is twice as big New York . If you take a look at the map, you’ll locate it in the central south of the United States. What is the city’s history and what can you see here, I’ll tell you more.

General Information

At present, Houston is home to over two million residents with a range of nations. People frequently come to Houston to jobs, as Houston is the hub of one of the most important industries – energy, oil, and gas.

A lot of Mexicans reside here from their border to Mexico and Mexico, which is distant from Mexico City. This can be seen by it being true that Mexican spoken language is just as prevalent in street corners as American. However, despite the apparent traffic jams, the city has with a serene and calm existence. The city was first established in 1836. Ten years later, the state of Texas as well as the city joined in the United States.

The climate of Texas humid and warm because Houston situated in the subtropical humid zone. Houston is known for its mild winters, with very little or no snow, with the average of temperatures around 12°. In Houston city, we experience the summers are hot and humid are characterized by a large amount of rain in June. This, along with the low elevation of the city, can explain the frequent flooding. According to locals, the most appealing period for leisure is the last week of May or the middle and beginning of autumn , which is September to October.

How do I get there?

There aren’t any direct flights connecting Russia to Houston and you will have to travel by Miami , Los Angeles, New York, or via European cities like Amsterdam, Barcelona, Paris, London, etc. There is a direct flight from New York to Houston – with a transfer to Chicago and Longview however, such a trip can take up to two days and be more expensive than flights.

Similar time will be required for travel to New York or Logan Airport by car service, but with no transfers. The cost is a bit lower than the price for a flight. If you’ve got free time to visit other cities of the United States, you can take a rental automobile, for example from New York and drive to

Houston throughout Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, Kentucky, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana. The states listed can be altered depending on the preference of the route. Don’t forget that you might encounter roads that require a toll.

In case you are still flying into Houston through George W. Bush Airport Make sure you take photos of a humorous cow wearing a spacesuit as well as the words Houston city We’ve landed! (“Houston, we’ve landed!”). Also, wearing the big cowboy boots everywhere in the airport.

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Houston landmarks

While Texas known for its cowboys but in the city, you won’t see anyone wearing a wide hat or boots with spurs, and the lasso on their hands. To get this done you must go to the rodeo or get away from the city, perhaps in the country. Houston city isn’t a popular tourist attraction, however there are some attractions worth a visit.

NASA’s Linden Johnson Space Center. For the last three decades, scientists of this complex of scientists have been in charge of the main space missions. Moon landings were supervised by this facility. Visit the rocket hangar , home to the world’s biggest launch vehicle “Saturn”, visit the flight control center which directed “Apollo” and the moon landing mission “Apollo”, as well as visit the control center for operations.

Zoo. For those who love the natural world I suggest you visit the zoo that is located within the city. The place is a mix of African Savannah, rainforests, as well as other ecosystems of the Earth. The conditions are similar to those of natural. You can see gorillas, elephants and pumas, lions, tigers and many other species. It is possible to feed the giraffes on their on your own within the space and also visit the pet the zoo. The thematic zone “House of Beetles” we were introduced to the biggest insects in the world. Additionally, there’s an aquarium that houses creatures from the marine wildlife.

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Houston Museum of Natural Sciences. As a continuation of the theme of natural sciences the museum complex must be considered. It has 15 exhibits classified by topic and chronology. There are fossils of animals from the past, an array of rocks and minerals as well as household objects from the aboriginals in Africa as well as America. I recommend that you go to this museum and enrich your knowledge base with facts regarding the Earth and the people who live there.

Waterfalls park. It is located next to Williams Tower. Williams Tower. The park’s heart is a multi-level fountain for horses and is surrounded by beautifully manicured lawns to enjoy picnics under the shade of the trees.

Museum quarter. If you are looking to kill a lot of birds in one go and go to as many interesting institutions as you can, then visit this location. The area measures 2 square. km and will be interesting to all as there are twenty museum complexes that have totally different orientations. This quarter can be divided in four routes.

  • Route 1:
  • Rothko chapel;
  • Menil collection. Menil.
  • Route 2:
  • the center in Asian society;
  • it is the “Buffalo Soldiers” complex;
  • Center for African American culture;
  • Czech Museum;
  • The Holocaust Museum;
  • Galerie “Divers Works”;
  • The Lawndale Museum.
  • Route 3:
  • Modern Art Museum;
  • Museum of Fine Arts;
  • The center of the oriental cultural “Yun”.
  • Route 4:
  • children’s museum;
  • zoo;
  • health museum;
  • Museum of Natural Sciences;
Rice gallery.

As you can see this, the areas you saw include the previously mentioned zoo as well as The Museum of Natural Sciences, therefore, if you plan to these two locations make sure you visit a few other museums to visit along the route.

Chinatown. Are you a fan of Asian culture? Take a trip to this city. In the Houston city is home to one of the biggest Chinese towns of America. There are Asian stores, restaurants and cafes in every corner. The staff that works at these places is also comprised of Asians. It is possible to visit the market in your area. The information on goods and signs are available on the market in Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese and other languages. It is, in general, a colorful location.

Alongside the previously mentioned fascinating places, you can explore other sights of Houston:

Watching decks Jp Morgan Chase tower on the 60th floor. Williams Tower on the 51st floor (be sure to capture a photograph of the bird’s-eye view);

Herman Park and Japanese Garden on the territory of Herman Park;

  • rodeo shows;

It is the San Jacinto monument;

  • aquarium;
  • theater district;
  • Galleria shopping center;
  • Discovery Green park.

Tip: You could cut costs when you visit the most popular attractions in Houston. To achieve this, you must purchase an Houston City Pass voucher, after which you can change it at the first attraction of that City Pass and that’s it You can utilize this voucher to visit these places:

  • NASA Space Center;
  • aquarium;
  • Museum of Natural Sciences;
  • an art or zoo;

Amusement parks or an amusement park for children or a museum for children.

It is essential to carry your passport on hand in order to apply to get City Pass. City Pass.


While Texas isn’t awash with shops and beaches as Los Angeles or Miami, it is an important space hub within the United States, and it is worth visiting you only want to enjoy it. It is the perfect location for those who don’t enjoy the bustle and noise of cities. If you’re getting bored of the city, head south towards Galveston. Galveston. A mere hour’s drive and you’ll be located on the Gulf Coast.

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