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Innovations In Food Delivery Services

In the recent past, there have been many innovations in the food delivery industry right from making deliveries through vehicles to drones.

The latest technological advancements are attracting more customers and just to know how drones deliver the food the individuals complete their orders no matter what quality of food they get.

Parachutes, Drones and Robots are the new normal across the United States of America.

Though these are some of the innovations which got observed in the year 2020, the USA still has many tech innovations which need to be observed.

Alright the innovations which are likely to occur across the country as per my research are as follows:

1. Pizza Delivery

Dominos has been making several plans to continue their pizza deliveries with drones as it curbs all the menace related to the traffic and their promise of 30 minutes pizza delivery gets kept.

Recently in the city of Auckland, New-Zealand. Such service was put to use for the first time by the company in the month of November, last year.

In Australia, the company deployed robots to make the deliveries and the robot will deliver the pizza within its 20 mile range and the single robot can carry upto 10 pizzas within the same span of delivery.

It offers online delivery by apple watch,smart-watch and even the text messages can help the individuals to make their orders.

Even a texas based food delivery company made his first delivery via drone in Nevada. It successfully reached the destination without taking any stop and with the help of GPS which navigated the drone.

After reaching the destination the drone lands successfully on the ground and then delivers the products to the customer.

As far as now there are no disastrous incidents which occurred while making the delivery using drones.

2. Pizza ATM’s

A college in Ohio brought a pizza Atm in the campus which makes the delivery of pizza within a few minutes as per the order placed by the customer.

Xavier University of Cincinnati brought a pizza delivery ATM on its campus by collaborating with the french-based firm.

And there’s one another firm who has plans to bring pizza atms across the state of Florida.

Mmm miyeeaa….   Can’t wait for such atm’s to have it here in India.

3. Robot’s Cooking

A California based pizza delivery company has recently came up with the new innovative idea of having their trucks equipped with ovens, robots and few employees to quickly deliver the pizza in real-time.

Hot and fresh .. Oohhh lala

Pizza in motion. The robots are deployed to spread the suce across the base of the pizza and then spread some toppings across it.

In the upcoming years there will be time when they prepare the complete within a few minutes.

Men are replaced by machine..oops

The delivery process gets done speedily and the pizza gets served instantly to the customers which enhances the experience of the customers and such innovation will surely attract new customers.

The freshness of pizza remains intact and there remains no bars where the customers can make any complaints such as the pizza was not served hot.

  1. Maps

    Alright, Now one can order the pizza while searching the nearby pizza places in its locality.

    All gets possible because of the integration that the pizza places have with the google maps.

    Facebook also included the food delivery option in its app in the same manner as Google.

    O yes.. Rivalry after all

    People can directly place their order while using the facebook app without any hassle.

    5. Introduction to Robot Service

    The KFC franchise restaurant based in Shanghai has been installing voice-activated robots which accept the customer orders and even completes it.

    Robotic cooking machines are inclined to produce 400 burgers per hour and are kept close to the table whereby the completed orders get placed.

    These robots are completely automated as right from chopping the veggies for the burgers to serving it gets done by the robots.

    There are certain categories of food which get prepared by the robots which do not even take a time for the minute. Such foods are completely cooked and not half-cooked.

    6. Apple Watch

    Recently, the famous restaurant partnered with the app developer start-ups and in order to further track and notify the new customer arrival, resources that are left in their inventories of the kitchen and the hotel managers align with the list of waiters.

    A mobile app was introduced by Amazon Go with the integration of the new concept of just making a walk in the restaurant, grab the item and the payments gets done without standing in the queues.

    The complete system which is kept in the place makes the record of the conversations  what all the customers are having a talk on.

    The Last Sentence

    With the integration of all the latest technologies which are adopted by the food giants are likely to cut down the delivery time and generate desired revenue within a short span of time.

    The food delivery industry has been revolutionary with some more advanced strategies which are implemented and individuals are eagerly for more innovations to pop out all of a sudden and surprise them.

    Author’s Bio

James Vargas is an experienced business expert, startup business consultant, assistance in trademark registration, Food Delivery App Development and marketing head at Get Everything Delivered. With the 1.5-decade corporate experience, he is now sharing his guidance to start-ups to grow with corporate team building activities and project delivery solutions.

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