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The unhealthy aspect of being in competition with others

In this day and age of social media, we are trying our best to live upto somebody’s standard of life. We are always comparing our lives with the picture perfect lives that are broadcasted on social media. We tend to feel like we are not good enough and our lives are certainly not satisfying enough for us. We always will want to match up to somebody else or continue to keep up with the trend setters of social media. Though we don’t admit it too often, most of us are feeling inadequate living in these times as we tend not to even appreciate the good things we have in life because they fall short in comparison to something great we have in mind.

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One of the key aspects to live a happy life is to be in love with yourself and genuinely love the life that is given to you. With all our shortcomings and all the things we lack in life, we still got a lot to be thankful for each day. One of the keys to being a success is practicing gratefulness as a daily habit. If you think about it more consciously you will find many reasons to be thankful for in life, and if we start counting we may not be able to take count of all the blessings that we have in our lives. Competition with others can be really harmful as it will take away from you the very joy of living your own authentic life.

Many people live in debt because they live beyond their means, one of the reasons to do so is because they like to keep appearances and give the illusion that they are better off than they actually are. Many institutions providing loans Australia has, have targeted such people, and they continue to make many tempting offers to buy the next trendy vehicle, house or any other commodity that will make you feel superior to the rest. So most of us fall prey to these traps and buy things on credit just so we can feel superior to the rest and show it off to other people.

Another negative aspect of being in competition with others is that you will tend to be so impatient with yourself. No matter how well you do in your life, you will never be satisfied until the next best thing happens. You will spend your life in this rat race, achieving so much but never ever actually stopping to be content about your life. When you are impatient with yourself you will not even notice the progresses and the improvements you make in your life.

Being in unhealthy competition with others can really push you to take some bad decisions that could affect your whole life. When we are pressured or stressed we know that our judgement becomes impaired that we do not possess the right decision making ability, so when you are living in competition, you could make a lot of wrong decisions based on jealousy, anger, and many other negative emotions.

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