Tips to move plants when you are relocating

People love to keep plants at home as it is the most fanatic way to add color and excitement to their house. That is the reason, at the time of relocation they don’t want to leave their beloved plants behind. But the process can be a little difficult as plants need care even during the transportation.

If you are planning to move with your plants on your own then you have to take many measures before the move, during the transit and after the move. If you are hiring packers and movers then you can sit back and relax as they have special airy racks to transport your plants safely and they also water them during the transit.

Before the moving day

• If you are hiring a moving company then do check if they provide the service of moving plants or not. Some companies avoid moving plants as they are delicate and fragile in nature.

• Prepare your plants and try pruning the larger plants to reduce their size and make them easier to be managed during the move. If possible, transfer them from heavy pots to plastic containers so that they become lighter to be picked and transported. Also, plastic pots are tougher and much more resistant to vandalism in transit.

• Check for bugs. Put the pesticide on the base of the plastic pot to get rid of the bugs.

• Water them properly, make sure the soil is moist but not wet before the moving day arrives. The roots of the plants should stay damp during the shipment. Water your plants regularly for 3-4 days without any carelessness.

• If there are any dry leaves on the plants then make sure you remove them before the moving day

During the move

• Make sure plants are the last to be packed and kept in the moving vehicle. Remember that these are living things so it is important to minimize their time of transit.

• Temperature check is important. Transport your plants in a temperature controlled environment like a car and if you stop at any restaurant or hotel then don’t forget to take it with you if it is a cold time of the year.

• If it is a sunny day, then you can keep them outside all day long

• Plants can be packed in open cardboard packing boxes. You can place a plastic sheet or old plastic bags on the bottom of the box to protect them from any dampness. It will waterproof the box and prevent it from becoming weak.

• You can fit several plants in one box but make sure you fill the space between the pots with the newspaper or crushed paper. It will prevent them from falling and jostling over each other in transit.

• If you have taller plants then you can place them in wardrobe boxes to provide them extra protection. Make sure they don’t remain in dark for a longer period of time so make some holes in the wardrobe box to provide a good supply of fresh air and light.

Unpacking the plants to settle them

• As suggested above, your plants should be kept in transit for the shortest period of time so it is important to unpack them as the very first thing when you reach your new address.

• It would be a good idea to lift the box out of the plant by opening it from the bottom rather than lifting the plant out of the box. This way you won’t have to hold plants from their stems and snap the branches against the box.

• Once the plants are safely unpacked, then water them andgive them a little time to settle down as they have made a long journey from their old place to the new once.

Plants improve your productivity, mood, concentration and creativity that are the reasons one should keep plants at home. At times people get attached to plants they have been nurturing for a long period of time and even if they change their house they don’t feel like leaving those plants behind. There are ways you can relocate your plants on your own but it will be less stressful and convenient if you hire movers and packers for better service and convenience for your plants.

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