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Ever wondered why your products are not generating enough sales even though they are marketed rigorously? Marketing and promotional are the most important tools that businesses use to make sure that the product generates sales for the organization. Marketing as a notion has changed drastically over the years as newer ways are discovered to promote the products. Businesses spend generous amounts of budgets on researching and developing products that aptly fit the customers’ demands and requirements. The products are then carefully tested before they are launched in the market. All the incurred costs are hoped to be covered by the revenues produced by these products. Hence, sellers go all out in promoting the products effectively and successfully.

The cut-throat competition in the market has given customers a plethora of products to choose from in every industry. Customers are pulled in every direction by manufacturers to make them select their products over their rivals. Brand recognition is given the utmost importance so customers can identify the brand and its products among the crowd. Big chunks of revenues are re-invested in stirring effective promotional strategies. Businesses are constantly looking for innovative ways to promote their products and make them appear differentiated in the market. In addition to offering a suitable product; sellers need to publicize the product uniquely for it to grab the maximum interest of customers.

One promotional tool that essentially helps in intriguing customers is the packaging box of the product. Custom printed retail packaging is the most appropriate device for generating interest in the product. This is because customers tend to make 80% of buying decisions in the stores at retail points. The overall appearance of the product diverts customer attention towards it and results in being picked up from store shelves regularly. Brand recognition also helps in availing customer loyalty because customers tend to place their trust in products and brands which they are familiar with. Sellers can customize the packaging box specifically for their products. The packaging box can be modified from the top, the bottom, inside, and outside with the inside available for print too.

Which products can benefit from this packaging?

Almost all product types can benefit from custom packaging including branded packaging, apparel boxes, beverage packaging, candy packaging, candle boxes, cigarette packaging, cosmetics packaging, CBD packaging, jewelry packaging, custom printed boxes, etc. Moreover, clients can select from numerous box types so that the packaging box goes well with the character of the product inside. These comprise of:

  • Auto-lock: Makes for an easy assemble and automatic lock for the box.
  • Chipboard: Ideal for small size products and give durability.
  • Corrugated: Used for mailing directly with slim packaging to utilize less space
  • Display: Used at counters to give easy accessibility to the product.
  • Dispenser: Good for items that can be picked on the go.
  • Folding cartons: Firmly fixes the product to keep it safe for a longer time.
  • One-piece mailer: Used for direct shipping small products
  • Kraft card: Eco-friendly material gives a beautiful and exquisite look to the product
  • Pillow: Used for compact packaging
  • Product sleeves and belly bands: Good for placing promotional tags and holding food items
  • Packaging inserts: Effective in adding extra features and parts to the product.
  • Rigid: Gives a premium feel to the product
  • Window cut-out: Lets the customer get a sneak peek of the product inside.

Such exclusive elements give unique characteristics to the products. They allow the product to be packaged according to the sale outlet they are displayed at. Attractive packaging results in the stores placing the product at main sales points such as near the cash counter, on the entrance, etc. Custom printed retail packaging gives an opportunity to the seller to modify the packaging box to exactly suit the product. It gives a unique edge to the products and helps to boost sales and profits alike.

Custom printed retail packaging

Ordering is made easy through exclusive services offered

Customers are facilitated through 24/7 customer helpline, live chat, and prompt e-mail replies. Providing 100% customer satisfaction is of extreme importance. Customer happiness and contentment is reflected by the positive reviews given to the packaging and services provided to them. The packaging is printed on high-grade materials using state-of-the-art printing techniques. The packaging boxes are available in all custom shapes, sizes, and card thickness. The content is printed using premium ink and only once the customer has proofread everything. The customer is engaged at every step of the process and is facilitated through after-sale services too. The packaging boxes are delivered in the shortest possible time with free delivery.

Every box is tailored made to suit every product type and is individually checked before shipping under strict supervision. Additionally, free support is given by a team of highly skilled graphic designers in selecting the right type of box which fits the essence of the product perfectly. A free review of artwork is also provided. Clients can evaluate the quality of the packaging box by requesting a free sample online.

Avail high-class packaging at affordable rates

Market competitive prices are offered to make the packaging box a good value for the money. Sellers search for effective deals that combine quality with affordable prices. This packaging box should effectively fit into the promotional budget. A reasonably priced and attractively crafted packaging box would increase sales and control costs at the same time. The packaging rendered is also of strong quality to ensure that products are not damaged during shipping. Damaged and spoiled products charge a lot to businesses that incur considerable costs in replacing them. Ruined products result in unhappy customers which can deter brand image. Therefore, it is important to have packaging that can firmly hold the product and deliver it to the customers as committed.

In a nutshell, custom packaging gives a revamped look to the products and makes them seem desirable to the customers. It increases brand awareness and helps the customer in spotting the brand and its products easily among others in the market.

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