How To Use CBD Supplements Properly- A Rookie Guide

The 2018 U.S farm bill has led to the rise of CBD (cannabidiol) supplements. It also legalized the growth and sale of hemp plants in the country. The CBD industry is one of the flourishing and most talked-about ones recently. According to various news reports, the U.S CBD industry may rise to $20 billion in revenue by 2024. CBD’s ability to reduce several medical conditions also contributed to the industry’s expansion. CBD products can help relieve chronic pain, anxiety disorders, epilepsy, insomnia. Buying and using CBD products may be challenging for novice users. That is because of the wide range of products and manufacturers present in the industry. So here is a detailed guide on how to use CBD like a pro.

Different forms of CBD

There is a wide range of CBD supplements, varying from delicious Goli gummies to CBD lip balms and CBD vape juice. Thus you can opt for CBD supplements according to your needs and choice. For instance, some users may not like the taste of CBD tincture oil but prefer a tasty alternative. CBD chocolates and gummies may be an exceptional choice for such users. We’ll discuss suitable ways of using CBD supplements according to different health ailments.

How CBD works

Most novice CBD users don’t understand the working of CBD and its interaction with the body. Humans have an endocannabinoid system (ECS) in the body. The primary function of the ECS is to maintain homeostasis (a proper balance). Internal cannabinoids present in the body trigger and regulate the ECS in doing so. But, the natural cannabinoids may decline in some situations. Some of the factors reducing the cannabinoid levels are stress,  insufficient diet, and lifestyle choices. CBD (cannabidiol) acts as an external cannabinoid regulating the ECS in such situations.

How to use CBD

There are two ways of using CBD products – oral consumption and topical application. Let’s discuss them in detail so you can decide how to use CBD according to your need.


1.Oral Ingestion

Oral use of CBD products is one of the best ways for novice users, as monitoring its dosage is easy and effective. One of the most used CBD supplements is CBD tincture oil. CBD starts working faster when consumed orally in the form of oil tinctures. You can consume a few drops of CBD oil using the dropper that most manufacturers provide. If you do not wish to ingest the oil in its raw form, you can add it to your food and beverages. You can take CBD in the form of pills as well. Taking CBD pills is also an efficient way for novice users, as most CBD capsules come in pre-measured doses. Monitoring the dosage is also simple, and it’s better to take lower dose capsules like 25mg and work your way up until you find the ideal dosage suitable for you. You can also consume delicious and chewable CBD edibles like gummies. Oral use of CBD oil is efficient in relieving anxiety disorders, stress,  insomnia.


2.Topical application

The topical application of CBD products on the skin is another way of using them. You can find many CBD topical products like massage oils, body lotions, lip balms. These offer therapeutic health benefits when applied to the skin. Usually, people use CBD topicals to relieve chronic pain, muscle soreness, joint pain. The topical application of CBD products is effective in treating specific problematic areas. A study states that applying CBD over the skin is more effective in relieving pain in arthritis. Most athletes use CBD topicals in case of muscle soreness. Since muscle soreness usually occurs after prolonged physical activity. You can also achieve healthy and radiant skin using CBD skincare products. Products like CBD creams, lotions, and body oils are receiving immense limelight lately. For instance, the potent anti-inflammatory properties of CBD reduces and prevents acne. Thus you can use CBD topicals to reduce chronic pain, inflammation, and skin problems.



Here’s the most crucial factor to consider while using CBD products. There is no standard one size fits all dosage when it comes to CBD products. The effects of CBD (cannabidiol) vary from individual to individual. So, it’s always better for novice users to start using small amounts of CBD at first. You may increase the dose at your own pace until you find your ideal dosage. Doing so helps in evading any potential side effects of CBD. We also recommend you to consume CBD at the comfort of your home in a relaxed environment. That helps in observing the response of your body towards the chemical compound.


Final Thoughts

CBD (cannabidiol) offers many therapeutic benefits when consumed in ideal amounts. The quality of CBD products is another factor to consider while buying them. It’s better to use high-quality CBD products from reputable manufacturers. If you are purchasing CBD products online, ensure the seller has positive reviews. You can also ask for a certificate of analysis (COA) for the products. Most CBD manufacturers offer 100% organic CBD products extracted from organic hemp. You can also find gluten-free and vegan CBD supplements.


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