6 Ways to Style Pendants Necklaces with any Outfit You Like!

It’s 2021, and there is no dearth of jewelry options today. But there’s a particular piece of jewelry that will stay in style forever no matter which year it is. Wondering what we are talking about? Whether you are a fashion freak or fond of subtle accessories, pendants can appeal to all with the distinct charm. Don’t you agree with us? Starting from funky styles and classic designs to the baguette picture pendant – these accessories can go well with all types of outfits, be it your everyday wear or formal apparel.

Moreover, with online stores bringing expansive collections at the fingertips of customers, you can choose the best piece for yourself right from the convenience of your home. However, in this blog we try to give a new twist to your fashion sense by suggesting new ways of styling your favorite pendants this year. So, are you excited to learn more? Let us get straight into it!

Go for Layered-Look – Love the look created by layered necklaces? Such elegance, right? We think you too can rock this look! Be it a t-shirt or V-shaped cardigan, combining the mid-length and long chains with a choker neckpiece can take your overall appearance to a whole new level. This will not only garner people’s attention, but it is going to help you carve out a unique style niche for yourself.

But make sure you choose the right necklaces such that their combination creates visual harmony. So, be a little cautious of the accessories you choose in this case because one wrong pick can disturb the look.

Don’t Overdo Accessories – A pair of earrings and bracelets can go extremely well with the pendant you have chosen. However, never overdo your accessories! If you want to highlight the custom picture pendant, don’t let a pair of oversized earrings steal its thunder by styling them together. Hence, achieving that balance in your look is of utmost importance.

Too much of anything may not be so good always, you see. Remember the saying, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”? Keep it in your mind when styling your accessories and creating any look you want.  

Fun Shapes for Casual Looks – Do you simply adore the funky pendant styles like a shooter pendant or a Richie rich pendant? We love them too, but we suggest you not pair them with your formal attires. While they can do full justice to your party looks, these particular accessories do not suit office wear.

Now, you may ask what to style with your formal dresses, right? The options are limited, but not absent, you see. Stick to the forever classic chains with geometric pendants made of gold or silver. In fact, you can explore the online stores and find these options at the best price rates.

Always Create Contrasts – So, this one is basic, yet very important. Most of you wear a pendant necklace without knowing very well how to highlight it. Now, tell us, what purpose does it serve if your pendant goes unnoticed by everyone, even your friends at the party?

Hence, when you are wearing a multicolored outfit, you should go for monochrome accessories like a simple diamond pendant chain or a solid gold chain with a personalized picture pendant. The rule just gets reversed when you are wearing a solid-colored dress. An easy-peasy tip, huh! So, why wait to try it out?

Focus on Statement Necklaces – To all lovely women out there, do you love wearing that bold strapless dress of yours? How about a deep V-neck dress? Add an extra charm to your overall look by wearing a big statement necklace. By highlighting the neckline, these accessories complement your bold look and attract everyone’s gaze.

Wondering where you can find such unique accessories? Today, online collections can give stiff competition to the physical stores. Not only can you compare the price deals, but you’ll be spoilt for choice when shopping online.

Consider facial structure– Ask any jewelry experts you want, and all will suggest you choose a pendant necklace as per the shape of your face. If you have an oval face, go for a longer chain or necklace to create an illusion of elongating the facial shape. Do you have that perfect heart-shaped face? Choose the mid-length chains to tone down the angles of your face.

We think shorter chains with a solid pendant will look great on people with square-shaped faces. As several online stores offer chain lengths of different measurements, you can order customization of pendant chains with them.

Closing Thoughts – Now, these tips are no rocket science, and as such, you can ace them easily. If you follow these tips, you can choose the right picture pendant with each of your outfits. Did you like our styling rules? Think we missed out on some tips? Remind us by sharing your thoughts in the comment section below! We are waiting to hear from you! Cheers!

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Inzamam Akram

As the owner of Amerikan Gold Jewelry, Inzamam stays up-to-date with the latest style and fashion trends and often shares his observations through extremely well-articulated blogs and articles. Being an expert in this field, he offers fashion tips that can never go wrong and simply elevate one’s personality. In his spare time, he also likes playing games and binge-watch web-series.

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