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Real Estate

How to Pick the Best Listing Agent to Sell Your Home?

Have you decided to sell your home? If so, you’ll need to hire a listing agent to help you with the process. They  will market your home and bring potential buyers through it, hopefully resulting in an offer from one of them. While the home-buying process can be overwhelming, hiring the right listing agent is just as critical as finding the right real estate agent or broker to help you buy your next home. Here are some tips on how to pick the best listing agent to sell your home.

Do your research

real estate agent selling house online

If you plan to sell your home soon, make sure you are working with a top real estate agent. But how do you go about choosing that right person? How can you be sure he or she is someone who will work for your best interests? And what are some of their tricks for selling homes quickly and for premium prices? Here are few tips from some of America’s top listing agents.

People who work in real estate often ask themselves, why am I doing what I am doing? It is an important question because it gets at their motivation and how they operate. Some agents want to work in real estate because they enjoy helping clients navigate a complicated world, whether that means selling or buying property. Others do it for money and see it as nothing more than a job. Where do you fall on that spectrum?

It is important that you align yourself with an agent who has a record of selling homes for more than asking price. If you do not already have one in mind, get on Zillow, and start looking at comparable sales to see how much agents sold homes for above list price. Ask your real estate agent for their data when you interview them so you can compare it side by side.

Real estate market research

Real estate market research

The first step in choosing a real estate agent is understanding where your market is at and what’s trending. Try tracking homes for sale in your area over time. If you have an agent, talk to them about whether prices are on the rise or falling, how long houses typically stay on market, and other information that will help you assess whether an agent will do well in your specific neighborhood.

If you are a first-time homebuyer, it can be hard to know where to begin. On top of that, real estate agents Oceanside are human and might have different preferences or styles of negotiation that could affect your experience. Here are few things you can do when interviewing potential agents.

  1. Find out what kind of clients they like working with most (i.e., first-time buyers, investors, etc.). This will help you get an idea of their expertise level and how they work with certain types of people in certain situations. Also ask them about their past experiences—what was one deal they made particularly proud? What were some challenges they faced along the way? This will give your insight into their professional style.
  2. Ask for referrals from friends and family members who have bought homes recently, especially if those people bought in similar neighborhoods as yours.
  3. Check references! It may seem obvious but take time to look up former clients on social media or search for reviews online before deciding whether someone is right for you.
  4. Don’t forget to meet with more than one agent!

Check for Online Customer Reviews on Yelp Section: Contact Agents Directly

Check Online Customer Reviews

If you are having trouble finding an agent that meets your needs, call them directly and see if they can provide a testimonial or review of their work. If it’s posted on their site, it’s more likely they think highly of themselves and their performance.

While a lot of people consider it easier to ask for a testimonial or review than giving them money upfront, they can still help you evaluate agents. If an agent asks you for money and then provides no professional feedback, avoid them. They are more interested in taking your money than helping you get top dollar for your home.

If you do find a great agent online, contact them directly for more information about their experience and proven results. If you cannot find what you need online, keep reading for a few extra tips on how to choose an excellent real estate agent.

Did you know that 80% of homeowners choose their real estate agent based on a referral from a friend or family member? This means agents are more likely to get your business if they make a personal connection with you. Avoid cold calls from unknown agents; instead, ask your friends and family if they know someone who recently purchased a home. Hiring an agent based on referrals gives you better results because they already have an established relationship with your friends and family—and have proven themselves capable of providing excellent service.

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Asking your friends and family for referrals can be a quick way to hire an agent. However, don’t forget about real estate agents’ websites, where they may post their own reviews and testimonials of their work. On-site testimonials are even more powerful than online customer reviews because they’re posted directly on an agent’s site by them.

Narrow down your list of potential agents based on reviews

It’s important to note that not all real estate agents work in the same way. Although they’re all working toward your best interests, some will have more experience or a different strategy than others. If you’re uncertain about which agent is best for you, check out reviews from other clients. This can be done by talking to friends or family who have recently sold their homes or by checking online review sites and social media channels for recommendations.

If you’re not sure how much of impact online reviews make, consider that a study by software company Bright Local found that 69% of consumers check online reviews before visiting a local business. And according to an earlier Bright Local survey, 56% of people trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. So, if you’re looking for an agent who will be motivated to do their best work, make sure they come with good recommendations from previous clients.

When looking at online reviews, there are few important things to consider. Does their online presence seem professional? Are they using an easily navigable website that allows you to view testimonials from previous clients and schedule an appointment? The more streamlined their online presence is, the better.

Interview your prospective agents

listing agent

Before you go with an agent, you should talk over your requirements and expectations. Ask any prospective agents how many homes they’ve sold in your area, how long they’ve been in business and what services they can provide.

When you ask a prospective agent how many homes they have sold in your area, you’re gauging their experience. If they have not managed many comparable sales, they may not be an ideal fit for your home. Also keep in mind that an experienced agent may cost more than a newbie, but it could save you money in other ways: An established agent is more likely to be able to coordinate repairs and function as a buffer between you and contractors.

Choose the best agent that fits your needs

Choose the best agent that fits your needs

If you’re getting ready to sell your home, one of your primary concerns is getting it sold quickly and for as much money as possible. Naturally, you want an agent who will do everything they can (within reason) to help sell your home fast and at a high price. While there are many factors that go into choosing an agent, here are some qualities and characteristics I believe set the best agents apart from their peers.

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#1: Market Knowledge: An experienced agent has studied real estate trends in your area and knows how long homes typically stay on the market before selling. They know what makes homes attractive to buyers—and what turns them off. They also know which houses have already been sitting on the market for a while, so they won’t waste time showing yours if it’s unlikely to get any offers soon.

Agents with good market knowledge can tell you whether your home is underpriced or overpriced, and they can help you decide what price will make it easier to sell. They’ll also know when you need to make repairs in order to get top dollar for your house. As mentioned above, some agents are willing and able to use their contacts, influence, and negotiating skills on your behalf.

While there’s no such thing as a perfect agent, here are some things you can do to help yourself in your search for one. Don’t choose an agent based on how long they’ve been in business or how much real estate they sell—those factors aren’t always related to how good an agent is. If you want an experienced agent who knows your neighborhood, it’s best to ask your friends and neighbors for recommendations.

Check the Agents’ Website and Social Media Page

Check the Agents' Website and Social Media Page

To choose an agent, start by checking out their website and social media page. This will give you a sense of what they do—and what they don’t do. For example, look for information about each agent’s most recent sales, number of listings and active buyers or sellers. Find out which areas of real estate he or she specializes in.

An agent’s website can also give you an idea of how quickly he or she responds to emails and phone calls. If you find that your prospective agent is slow to respond, it might be a sign that he or she will fall behind in other areas. It could also be a sign that it’s difficult to contact him or her when you need information, during negotiations or even after your home sale closes.

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