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how to Manage Your Instagram Account, Grow Your Followers, and Avoid Banned Accounts

how to manage instagram account

The best Instagram marketers have one thing in common: a smart way of using the platform. It’s not enough to post pretty pictures and hope that your following grows by itself. You need an actionable plan to keep you on track and ensure your account is growing. And who doesn’t want more followers? Here are five tips for managing your Instagram account, growing your followers, and avoiding banned accounts.

how to manage instagram account
how to manage instagram account

1. How to get started with Instagram

If you’re just getting started with Instagram, Flynn recommends using the app to try out different types of posts to see what type of content your followers respond to best.

For example, one day you might post a photo of you and your coworkers, and another day you might post a video of your product in action.

Many Instagram pages are simply collections of pictures, so my account switched to a negative self-portrait. Imagine a picture of you impostor — looking back at the time when you were yourself to see what you look like today. It still has twitter photos of me dressed as the lead character in the plot of OneZero, but it’s more curated, visually pleasing, and much more appropriate for the type of content I produce.

Now I pick one picture of myself and post it for 30 days

Now I pick one picture of myself and post it for 30 days, and I re-evaluate if anything has changed. I also use Story Analyzer to look at what type of content is working for my audience, what type of content is not resonating, and what types of content I could post if I had the time to do so (it’s basically a cosmetic tool with an interesting algorithm).

It’s time to look at my account from a different perspective: starting tomorrow, I’m deleting all my list posts, retuning messages, and even deleting my friends list completely. The opportunity cost of these imported posts is enormous — they are $0.50. All that took me less than six minutes.

Instead, I will send one note a day to one friend. I might ask them to follow me on social media or tag them in a post, and afterward, I want to make sure my account is still performing the way it was.

2. Creating a profile that represents your brand

When you’re creating a profile on any social media platform, you need to make sure that it represents your brand. This means that you should have a professional looking profile photo, and you should have a bio that talks about your business.

how to manage instagram account
how to manage instagram account

However, on social media, your profile photo is a powerful marketing tool. Your audience will see your profile photo and not the short description of your business. Your bio is always more important than your profile photo. On LinkedIn, it’s vital that the people you want to connect with check out the basics of your profile. This includes the description and the picture. When they see those things, they will know what to expect from your profile.

Before you create your profile, you need to first take the time to think about the types of people that you want on your LinkedIn profile. As I said before, you don’t want people just to see your bio and not check out your profile picture.

There are so many types of profiles

There are so many types of profiles, including database names or handles. First, you need to decide on your preferred profile type. There are a few options:

Your caption should always tell people the reason why you want to connect with them. This can certainly be an email subject line, but sometimes that isn’t enough. You need to think about other ways to explain why you want to target certain people.

Here is a great example of a good instagram caption:

“Hello [INSERT NAME], I work in X when times are tough, and would love to connect! Feel free to get in touch with any questions. Our office is located at [INSERT ADDRESS].”

It doesn’t say much about what type of person you are, plus, it makes your message super personal. It makes the connection process a lot easier because it makes you sound a lot more trustworthy.

3. Writing engaging captions for your photos, videos, and stories

The secret to a great caption or title for your post is to make it interesting and relevant to the content that you’re sharing. The way that you frame your caption or title to your post will make a big difference to whether people choose to engage with it or not.


A great way to think about this is when I was new to Facebook, I would often upload random pictures and then speculate all sorts of crazy captions on them, but I made no effort to actually pick them and try and create some sort of connection with them. I knew that it was pointless to spend time thinking of a caption that was genuinely interesting, but not picking interesting photos made my stories look uninspired and random. However, over time, I started to experiment more and it started to pay off. A big part of success with this approach is to know the kind of things that are more likely to get your story viewed, as compared to the kinds of things that will have little or no chance of getting you a single single click.

Before I go any further, a disclaimer: you are ultimately responsible for the success or failure of your post and the conversation that you start. If you’re sharing something you’ve created or some content that you read, then you are taking the risk that the audience that you’re sharing it with will see your post and not engage back.

So, if I say something like, “Read my article about…” that is something that I would advise you to look out for. The shot that you write your caption or title at is likely to be one of those that will get you little to no clicks. If it has a picture of smoke rising from an Instagram post, it’s unlikely to get any clicks at all. You want to make sure that the image or photo  you’re using is compelling enough to get your viewers’ attention, but you’re not looking for that specific thing.

4. Growing your audience through hashtags and engagement with other users

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to growing your audience. It’s important to experiment with different approaches. One of the best ways to grow your audience is to use hashtags in your captions. Hashtags help with discoverability and can drive a lot of traffic to your content. Hashtags can be used on Instagram and Twitter. Instagram will display hashtags on users’ profile. For Twitter, it comes in the form of hashtags. You can use them to arrange your combined tweets on the table of a tweet. It’s done in this manner: “#stopcycling, #whenindicting, #wecomfortable.” Twitter comes with hashtag integration as well. Hashtags can be used to add additional information to your tweet. If you plan to use hashtags right from the start, read this. Only after you know exactly what information you intend to add with the hashtag will you know how to create one.

instagram management
instagram management

Hopefully, by this, you’ve learned some of the best practices to using hashtags on Instagram to drive traffic to your content and possibly gain a following. Hashtags are best used strategically. In the course of your content, you may come across important hashtags, which you can add to your post to entice users to follow you. Be sure to combination your hashtags wisely to maximize the reach.

5 .manage instagram account by Posting content that people will actually want to look at (and sharing it)

When you’re trying to build your audience, it’s important to have a content plan. Knowing the type of content you’re going to create and when you’re going to create it can drive a lot more results for you. Consider these marketing strategies: Content marketing is the process of creating, purchasing and distributing content to generate a profit. Content marketers are everywhere — in digital ads, on social media, and in email appeals.

Don’t underestimate the power of taking a look at your website to see if you can add some free content to your pages. It could be a checklist, tips on becoming a better writer, or forget-me-nots that remind your visitors to sign-up for your email list (which could be a good way to sell your eBook, course, or subscription). There are also a ton of free resources out there that can be highly beneficial to your content marketing strategy.

Marketing is all about getting your message out, and digital marketing helps you do that. Not all digital marketing is the same, and there can be a lot of flexibility with when and where you want to employ certain digital techniques. Anticipate when you’ll need to use Pinterest to engage your audience with specific content. You can also use Google Ads to either keep items high on your site or organically bring your site traffic to specific content (check out Pinterest’s guide to organizing your ads). Doing these two things will help your brand get more exposure, more organically, and will keep your Google profile at a higher rank.

Print out a copy of your content calendar and take it with you whenever you go out on a marketing trip. Network with your peers to educate and teach them about your industry, what you do, and the strategies that have developed a fantastic content marketing strategy. thank you to read how to manage instagram account

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