How To Build a Strong Team That Grows Your Business

Twenty-first-century hiring no longer means finding a single individual with the right skills for a single job. If you want to see your business grow and thrive, you need to know how to build a strong team.

A strong team will find themselves wanting to go to work. They’ll put their best foot forward because they believe in the team, and you’ll find them giving your business high marks on job sites like Glassdoor and Indeed.

Building a strong team takes purposeful steps. If you want a group of hard-working, positive individuals who work in beautiful synchrony, here are some basic concepts to follow.

Hire For Passion

Building a strong team culture means hiring people with energy and passion. Sure, you want an individual with the right skill set. Passion matters just as much as skill level.

If you hire someone with passion, you will find someone with a common vision and high energy levels. This person will be trainable and coachable, making for the perfect team member.

Find the Right Fit

To build a strong team you must also find someone that fits with your particular team culture. Your team members will depend on each other. They will build trust with each other when they fit in the culture.

Look in particular for someone who will be a team player. You might find someone with great skills for the job, but if they’re not willing to work with other team members, pass them over and look at the next candidate.

Communicate Clearly

As you build your team one member at a time, focus on clear communication. Communicate your expectations with your team. Share information, news, and updates with them regularly.

When you have transparent communication with your team members, you build trust and create a strong, successful team.

In particular, share your goals with the team. As they work on their daily tasks, they will be able to see how the tasks contribute to the ultimate goals of the business. They will feel like a part of the bigger picture, and they’ll want to work harder.

Reward Good Work

You want to build a team so strong that it can overcome any challenge. To keep your team focused, create incentives, rewards, and competitions that bring team members together with a common purpose.

With a focus on a common purpose, team members will be able to overcome natural obstacles.

Rewarding hard work will reflect well on you as a boss. Your team members will once again want to work for you.

Build a Strong Team Remotely

Now more than ever teams are working remotely. You can build a strong team even when your team isn’t physically together.

With no more water cooler time or break room, your team members may feel isolated. Their productivity will slow down because they can lose focus on the common vision of the team.

Combat those feelings of aloneness by using video calling sessions. Video calling reduces the dark feelings of isolation and loneliness that accompany remote work. You can create a virtual break room with break sessions or even have a weekly coffee break in the video call.

Virtual team building takes more time and effort, but in the end, the time and effort are worth the outcome.

Passion, Focus, Purpose

To build a strong team, you need to hire team members with passion, focus, and common purpose. Once you’ve scored these individuals, you will see your team form seamlessly and productivity increase.

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