5 Ways Blogging Grows Your Small Business

Building an online presence is no longer an option, but it is equally necessary. There are many benefits of blogging for business. Of these, blogging is the most important.

Blogging can change your business in many ways if done right. The best strategies will take you to greater heights.

Here are 5 benefits of blogging for your small business.

  1. Increase your site traffic

If you deliver quality content that is entertaining and useful or both, people will visit your website regularly. You should post this blog regularly.According to Hubspot, which company blog frequently they earns more traffic and leads, compared to companies that unfrequently blog. Both B2C and B2B companies see this business advantages.

Blogging to Grow small business

More people coming to your site can only mean more potential for reservations, more submissions on your contact form and more client inquiries.As long as those visitors purchase your product or service, it is good to have high traffic to all websites.

  1. Blogging improves your search rankings

People start on the search engines by typing some keywords on the internet for information. Search engines will display a list of the relevant web pages based on those keywords.

Before writing content on your blog, make sure to research keywords that have a high search volume. This way you will know which keywords to optimize. This makes your blog more likely to appear in SERPs.

  1. Blogging helps build trust with audience

Many businesses that put up a website don’t include blogging as part of their plan. You can talk to your audience through your quality content. Thus, you can be better than another faceless brand.

Blogging will humanizes your business. Revealing your personal side allows you to tackle the best topics of your niche people. Create content that will benefit them solve their problems. Let this be your aim.

  1. Make the most of social channels

Social media channels aren’t only a way to promote your awesome blog content. Not only that, they also act as a form of blogging. Remember that the media is changing every day.

Many people and businesses post in different ways on different social media platforms:

  • Microblogging on Twitter
  • Vlogging on Youtube
  • Photo blogging on Instagram

We should not ignore these channels. Because you want a strategy to meet your potential customers where they already consuming content.

Zappos is a powerful and effective example of how to promote a brand by using social media. They use twitter to highlight interesting facts about their brand, and their new additions. And they do it in a useful and funny way.

  1. Grow your email lists by blogging

Email marketing has been acquire more customers in the long term. This is a proven strategy. Email marketing isn’t only free, but also non-intrusive, and personalized.

Sending regular messages to your prospective customers, and help you keep them informed of your latest content and offers. To use blogging to grow a mailing list, show your opt-in forms below your blog posts and the process for inviting them to sign up.




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