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How to Add Wholesale Plugin to Your WooCommerce Store

WooCommerce is famous worldwide because of its flexibility to familiarize with multiple needs of online shopping. Leading e-commerce stores use WooCommerce wholesale plugin to run wholesale stores. With the help of advanced plugins, you can quickly build a WooCommerce wholesale store. Depending on your requirements, you can create different pricing options for wholesale consumers or restrict access to wholesale or general consumers. This article will discuss one of the best WooCommerce wholesale plugins you can install in your WordPress e-commerce store. Choose the one that ensembles your business model, and you can start.

If you are new to WordPress or already own a WooCommerce retail store, managing a wholesale store is a brilliant plan during this COVID-19 pandemic. With the help of some WooCommerce plugins that we will share later in this article, you can professionally assist B2B and B2C customers over one single site.

It comes with a product page, category page, shopping cart, checkout, and multiple payment gateways. There are many additional features, such as tax settings, shipping, and email notifications,

But the real charm lies in the size of its community. As the most popular e-commerce platform in the world, this plugin includes a series of excellent WooCommerce related plugins, allowing you to create marketable layouts, pricing, and more. To read more click here.

Let’s begin without any delay, set up your primary WooCommerce store with Wholesale for WooCommerce

If you haven’t already installed this plugin, find it in the WooCommerce plugin directory on any WordPress site first. Add a few products to get started. At this phase, all your products will be visibly available and presented in a default layout.

Set up Wholesale for WooCommerce

Wholesale for WooCommerce is the technically advanced wholesale e-commerce solution for managing various wholesale B2B stores and B2C.

You can use Wholesale for WooCommerce to register a wholesaler in a dedicated wholesale area without creating another website for your wholesale customers and taking good care of your old customers.

Wholesale for WooCommerce is considered a Swiss Army Knife of wholesale expansion that helps WooCommerce stores with a wide range of services, including creating and managing wholesale pricing plans at multiple levels in simple, easy, and effective ways.

Regulate everything you want to sell to wholesale customers with just one extension. Manage your online store with entire wholesale prices, multiple wholesale user roles, etc.

Tip: Ideal for B2B + B2C companies that handle wholesale products and wholesale prices


  1. Download the zip file from WooCommerce;
  2. Navigate to your WordPress dashboard and install;
  3. Click above to upload plugin;
  4. Click the “Choose File” button and select the file Wholesale-For-WooCommerce-Plugin. zip;
  5. Install Now and Activate the extension;

Single Wholesale Feature

The single wholesale user feature allows you to build a wholesale price based on the item so that each user can be given the same percentage of the discount.


Multiple Wholesaler Roles

Multiple wholesaler role is an unconventional wholesale pricing opportunity that enables you to create wholesale prices based on various user roles.

You can make pricing policies based on different amount levels and wholesale user roles; for example, user Adam has a 30% discount, and Sandra has a 15% discount for the same product.


How to create a new user role

  • Go to the wholesaler drop-down menu and click on the user role.
  • Enter the name of your wholesaler role (for instance, Standard, Premium, and Platinum).
  • Then Enter a slug.
  • Now Enter a description of that specific role.

Adding the option of customer upgrade request

You can request the administrator to become wholesalers. Also, write the custom phrase which is displayed in the update tab. You can allow the following selections for this tab:

  • Update tab- This tag will be perceptible to non-wholesale users on your “My WooCommerce Account” page. Users can fill out the form to apply for the position of wholesaler. The administrator will accept the request.
  • Resubmit application: This selection allows the user to resubmit the wholesaler role application when the application is excluded for the first time.

Global Wholesale Pricing

There are products at regular prices with three pricing options: global prices, product category prices, and individual product prices.

You can organize the ensuing options in the Global Prices tab:

  • Discount type: There are two categories of discounts offered, fixed and percentage. This is a standard-setting and will be applied to all products when allowed.
  • Fixed amount: configure a fixed wholesale price for users, whether it is a single wholesale function or multiple wholesale functions. For instance: if the wholesale price is set to $15, it will apply to all products, and the final product price for wholesale customers is $15.

Enable/disable coupon codes

You can enable/disable discounted coupon codes for wholesale customers by ticking the checkbox. If coupon codes are restricted for any particular wholesale feature or all features, customers will not use their coupons on the shopping cart and final counter page.

Steps to set up a coupon code

  1. Go to Wholesale and click User Roles.
  2. Add A New Role or else Edit An Existing Role
  3. select Disable Coupons for the particular role.

Product Visibility And Wholesale Prices

In Product visibility, general settings are essential to control who can see different products in your stock once you start selling to wholesale consumers.

  • Limit product visibility: Allow this selection to control product visibility. Hide non-wholesale items from wholesale customers. When a wholesale customer logs in as a wholesaler, you can restrict the retail price product for the wholesale customer.
  • Minimum quantity restrictions on add-to-cart: Impose the minimum amount restrictions necessary for products, allowing wholesalers to add the slightest amount distinct by the administrator to the shopping cart. When you add the minimum amount to the shopping cart, please enable wholesale pricing. Providing the minimum quantity value for the wholesale pricing section is a prerequisite.

Compatible with Invoice Payment Gateway for WooCommerce

Wholesale for WooCommerce supports WooCommerce’s invoice payment gateway, allowing wholesale customers to use invoices instead of paying immediately. Wholesale customers who choose the invoice payment gateway as the payment option will accept an order email with the purchase order number.

After the administrator completes the order, the wholesale consumers will receive the invoice number. The invoice payment gateway works by selecting a detailed wholesale role from the invoice payment gateway configuration.

How To Manage The Woocommerce Wholesale Store?

Wholesale stores can significantly subsidize your income because bulk sales will be more efficient than retail stores. Let us quickly understand some operative strategies that will help you better manage your wholesale store.

Determine your market

The first thing to do when starting a wholesale business is to determine your target market. Decide the sales target carefully according to your market. Before confirming that they are retailers, you need to make sure that your customers control your target market. It would be a decent idea to set up a detailed registration form for the retailer to register on your website.

Define your sales goals

Always pay attention to your sales data to understand whether the business is generating expected revenue. Regular interactions with your retail partners will help you to understand your progress better. If you cannot get enough customers, you may need to work harder in the marketing department.

Connect with new customers

For your wholesale business to flourish, you may need to find new customers constantly. Creating a list of potential customers based on your target market will help you establish communication channels. Follow up with customers who have shown interest and might organize your product presentation. Make sure to establish a good understanding of pricing terms and fulfillment options with them.

Create the perfect compliance strategy

It would be best to create a compliance strategy that is acceptable to both your customers and you. Sometimes, when the product is in high demand, some retailers may need emergency inventory. In this case, make sure to make arrangements to avoid delays.

Offer discounts to loyal customers

Although it’s good to attract new customers to your product, you should also focus on keeping loyal customers happy. Occasionally offering discounts can help keep your customers interested in your products for a long time.

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