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Home Decor Ideas with Ribbons

Ribbon home decor ideas are a must for anyone who wants to add some flair to their space. Home decoration is about adding furniture or wall hangings and the small touches that make your home feel like a real home. With this in mind, we have compiled an article full of ribbon DIYs that will help you create beautiful and unique decorations with ribbons for your home!

DIY Candles with Ribbons

One of the most common ideas is home decoration with ribbons and candles. Take a long sheet of parchment paper and wrap it around your candle. Select the type of ribbon you want to use. Wrap the ribbon around your candle in any pattern you find most appealing. If you would like to make different patterns, create four layouts. With the ribbon wrapped around the candle, wrap parchment paper around the base of the candle. The ribbon should be secured to one end of this end piece and fold it over itself along with the raw edge on top when wrapping. Warm the parchment paper with an iron until it is pliable, but not so much that you melt the candle.

Lamp Shade

Starting at the top of your lampshade, attach one piece of ribbon to the rim and continue to do so until you’ve reached the bottom.

Run the ribbon down the bottom edge and glue it in place. To adhere to the ribbon, apply glue just on the top and bottom edges. You have the choice of using it both ways, and what works best for you is achieved.

Starting at the top of the shade, overlap the ribbon and take it straight down to the bottom. Fasten it very tightly in place so that you don’t have any loose pieces sticking out.

Neatly tie the ribbon back around in a figure to the bottom tack.

Next, take the woven trim and hot glue it around the top rim and bottom brim to cover all the raw edges.

Put this shade in any room of your home to match it.


Attach a drop of hot glue to the back of the twig ring, add one end of the ribbon over it and then pull them taut across.

To make a ribbon ring at home, wrap it tightly around the twig ring and glue the buttons hanging from it on the other end.

To create a centerpiece, you must acquire some leaves, fruit (such as oranges, acorns, and pear), cherries, and adhesive.

Use knitting needles and florist wire to make four small wire twirls. Wrap the wire around a knitting needle. Remove the needle and cut off the excess twirl—hot glue one side of the arrangement, then hot glue the other strings.

When you have hot glued the ribbon, create a loop with the 0.3″ wide ribbon and glue this to the top of your wreath.

Ribbon Chandelier

Ribbon Chandelier is again one of the more famous home decor ideas with ribbon. Before you begin, stock up on necessary supplies. Use sheer, iridescent ribbon; cut it all into 18″ strips before you get started. Use at least three colors but use all bright colors.

 First, glue two lengths of ribbon (crossing at the top) onto a sturdy surface. Attach the ribbon to the wood disc with a dot of hot glue.

Once both hanging strips have been glued on.

 To create this DIY ribbon chandelier, you will need a strip of ribbon measuring 18in, fold it in half. Wrap it around the hoop (or whatever you’re attaching it to), and pull the tails through a loop. Tie tightly! To secure the ribbon at a knot, use glue on the underside of the knot.

Do it three times (when working with three colors)

Continue tying those knots! It is a promise, and the result will be worth it. Consider using these DIY home decorating ideas at home to find your successful design

Once you’ve completed wrapping your cube of ribbons around your hoop, it should resemble a chandelier.

If you would like to hide the inevitable knots, add a contrasting ribbon around the edge. Glue it on by placing a thin strip of hot glue in the middle of the ribbon and attaching it to the rim. To finish, add a contrasting ribbon around the edge of the hoop to hide all of the knots.


The DIY ribbon projects we’ve covered are perfect for people who want to decorate their homes without spending much money. From candles, lampshades, and wreaths, there is plenty of ways that you can add ribbons into your living space to create an elegant or playful atmosphere. If you’re interested in the latest trends but have time to make these yourself, then this is the golden chance.

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