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Signet rings: The jewellery of the past is back

Signet Rings have been an integral part of men’s fashion since days unknown. From the day of its inception, it was a ring made to identify the wearer. Nineteenth-century kings and noblemen used it to specify the kingdom in which they belonged. But in the present day, it is used by men to show the character one personifies. It is customised to create a unique appearance that represents oneself. A men’s signet ring is available in various shapes and forms all around Australia. But one must know all about them before purchasing one. So here are all that one needs to know about signet rings:

The History:

First, let us go on a history lesson. Signet rings had a rich history of being used as a stamp. People with authority or power wore it and used the ring as a seal representing one’s approval of the given document. It was a widespread practice in the nineteenth century. There are many such rings available for display in museums around the world. Some rings even worn today contain such engravings. But nowadays, it is engraved only for aesthetic purposes. Intricate designs are still a vital part of the men’s fashion industry. Well crafted rings sell for thousands of dollars. Some of the best rings in the market contain designs that are so complex that one requires a magnifying glass to see it in all its glory.

Today’s signet ring culture:

It might amuse many newcomers that there is a pop culture surrounding such rings. The ring rose to popularity in the late eighties and the early nineties due to movies set in the medieval era. A new generation of ring wearers has arrived due to the popularity of many fantasy tv shows and games. Pop culture played a pivotal role in rejuvenating this age-old ornament. Australian TV has several shows in which these signet rings play a key role. Presently the popularity of a men’s signet ring is on the rise. The steady rise in sales and profit make it evident that there is a market for it. It is a great sign for the makers and the consumers.

Custom rings:

Signet rings are known for their customizability. It is a work of art and is known for its unique designs. One can ask the craftsman to create a new piece that is exclusive to the wearer. Such models contain intricate designs and are usually expensive as they require man-hours to make and use more metal. But newcomers are better off with pieces present in the catalogue as they are cost-effective and easier to make. If one wishes, one can ask for a plain ring to be made with no designs whatsoever. Australia is blessed with many such craftsmen who are well versed in the creation of such beautiful rings. The limit is only the owner’s imagination.

Cost and durability:

It is a known fact that rings are not the cheapest ornaments out there. But still, Men’s signet rings come in a wide range of price points such that it is available to any person under any price bracket.

As for durability, the durability of the ring depends on the materials used. Commonly gold and silver are used. Grades of Silver allow one to know the durability of the material one uses in their ring. The rings are also non-corrosive and can be used in any condition without any fear of damage.

Rings have always been one of the vital parts of men’s fashion. And what better way to get into this culture than buying a signet ring. It is a ring which is also a piece of art. Signet rings are of historical importance as they represent a part of a diminished culture. The popularity of such accessories is a good thing as they make us remember how our ancestors lived.

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