Guideline for allowing the GeM Logo.

GeM users are accepting the GeM trademark, in whole or in part, by the Logo 'GeM'. We are going to read about the guideline to allow the employment of the 'GeM' logo, its use without permission by the central and state government.


Government e-marketplace (GeM) is a national public acquisition portal providing associate end-to-end resolution for all acquisition needs of central and governance departments, public sector undertakings, autonomous institutions, and domestic bodies. Users are accepting that the GeM trademark, in whole or in part, by the ‘GeM’ Logo and the completely separate proprietary material such as valuable property of the department of commerce (doc) of GeM, SPV, the victim ‘GeM’ Logo is the only owner who have GeM registration or GeM seller Registration of and promises that the user will not interfere with the rights of GeM and cannot hurt, misuse, or defame the ‘GeM’ Logo.
Accordingly, the policy of using the ‘GeM’ Logo by various Government / quasi-Government / individual authorities has been approved by the competent authority in GeM with further guidelines:

A- GeM Logo is used without permission for the next categories:

All Central and State Government Ministries/Departments Governments/union territory administrations should be directly employed in the programs organized by them.

B- For further events, the use of the Logo ‘GeM’ is further permitted with the previous approval of GeM SPV:

All central government ministries/departments / PSUs and state Government departments / UT administrators for programs conducted in collaboration with trade bodies like CII / FICCI / ASSOCHAM / PHDCCI ETC.
All events supported by the Government of the Republic of India are extended.
For programs organized by private bodies promoting ‘GeM’ initiative.
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C- Use of Logos for events, publications, websites/portals:

1- Permission to use the ‘GeM’ Logo for the categories enforced by Para( ii) beyond this shall be considered of the benefit of the case, with specific stress on the next:

  • The nature and importance of the event.
  • Profile/track record of the organizers.
  • Profile of participants and representatives
  • Distribution of GeM content to the representative for completely different deliverables by the way the speaker is taken out of the exhibition house at the venue Kit and completely different types of Branding and Marketing.

2- To grant requests to use the ‘GeM’ Logo on publications, websites/portals, to publications, websites/portals related to completely different relevant areas of public acquisition, e-governance digital themes or labor creation. It will be thought about in the country. Such requests will be considered at the benefit of each case.

D- Use of Logos for Programs on Electronic Media:

  • Requests received for using the ‘GeM’ Logo for programs on electronic media, such as debate, discussion or vice versa, will be considered for the benefit of each case, keeping in view the following:
  • Nature of the program
  • Profile/track record of the producers of the program Audience
  • Incorporating start-up connect material between program content and program
    To what extent the program will facilitate in raising awareness regarding the public acquisition in the country.


All requests for use of the Logo will be considered and approved by ACEO /CEO.
Before the taking of any appeal request, its rights to victimize any further extension about requests to use the Logo for events, publications, websites/portals, electronic programs, etc. Arose At Intervals.
For consideration of these tips, all requests for the use of the Logo for programs on electronic media received in GeM must be received at least thirty days in advance in combination with the full details in paragraph IV (i) of these tips. GeM

F. The use of the ‘GeM’ Logo for the opposite purpose will be thought of for the benefit of each case, taking into account the visibility, impact, and visibility related to GeM or its associated aspects and approval of ACEO /CEO GeM. Will be received.

G. Permission granted by GeM to use the Logo ‘GeM’ to:

The right of GeM to withdraw permission to use the ‘GeM’ Logo by giving sufficient notice.
To appear in GeM’s properly planned circulation and layout using the ‘GeM’ Logo, before its completion.

H. candidates are required to attach their applications in the format used for the Logo ‘GeM’.

I. GeM SPV reserves the right to refuse employment of its emblem while not making any distribution Reason.

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