Frequently Asked Questions about Omegle Chat Alternative

I cannot download the OmeTV app in the App Store anymore. Can I install it on my iPhone again even if it says: “This app is currently not available in your country or region”?

To continue using the video chat on your Apple device, you can: 1) Install our partner’s video chat app Minichat; 2) Open the web version of the video chat in the Safari browser; 3) Restore the OmeTV app from the App Store if you have installed it once and then removed it. Here’s how: a) Launch the App Store on your iPhone or iPad; b) Tap the user icon on the top right to open your account; c) Tap “Purchased” to open the list of previously installed apps; d) Search for the OmeTV app; e) Tap the download icon, and you will have your OmeTV app back!

Why does the chat ask me to sign in? Will my Facebook account become visible on OmeTV?

Your Facebook account is never visible to other users. The recently introduced login feature is one of the steps we take towards adding more social networking features to our chat, such as user profiles, friends, and so on.

Are you guys new Omegle?

We are OmeTV offering you a faster and safer way to meet new people online. Some folks may compare us with platforms like Omegle, but OmeTV is not affiliated with Omegle or similar services in any way.

Is OmeTV free indeed?

Every single feature of OmeTV video chat is free to use. We run no advertisements either, so you can enjoy the random conversations without worrying about being interrupted with a popping banner.

Should I worry about my privacy when using OmeTV?

OmeTV is an anonymous chat. Keep your personal data to yourself and do not share it with anyone in the chat, unless you have established a trustworthy relationship.

I am new to Omegle-like experience. What should I know before I hit the Start button?

Please, take the time to read our chat rules. Make sure you’ve understood them and agree to follow them any time you are chatting with a stranger. Help us keep the chat clean by reporting those who violate the rules. You are good to go!

Why do I need to indicate my gender?

OmeTV is a video chat where guys are looking for girls and girls willing to meet guys. By indicating your own gender you increase chances to meet people of the opposite gender. Your choice won’t be visible to other users, although please note that merely picking females will not help reach more girls.

What if I look only for ladies? Other chats allow filter users by gender!

A lot of random chats similar to Omegle promise to connect you with female users (usually, for a fee). We believe such a feature does not encourage more girls to chat. It instead creates fierce competition among guys who prefer the “girls only” option. Most of them leave unsatisfied, because, as in real life, there are never enough girls for every boy. We do not make false promises and let randomness decide who is the next to get connected with a lady. There is no better satisfaction than eventually have a sweet conversation with a charming girl.

Is it true I can meet and talk to a famous YouTuber, like on Omegle? What are the odds?

The popularity of OmeTV is exploding, therefore many YouTubers use our random chat to entertain people and make videos. The more time you spend on video chat, the more likely you are to meet a local star or even an international YouTube celebrity. We also occasionally invite prominent internet performers to random video conversations with our visitors.

What is the best time to go online and find new people?

Any time is good. The number of online users may vary depending on the time of the day, but video chat is usually crowded day and night with strangers chatting non-stop. As a rule, Friday nights and weekends are when most people use random chats like Omegle or OmeTV.

What should I do if I encounter someone’s disturbing behavior in the video chat?

If you see a stranger breaking the chat rules with improper behavior, please, click the report button. Our moderators track complaints and ban people whose behavior is anyhow abusing.

How can I communicate with a stranger from another country if I don’t speak her language?

Just enable text message translation in the video chat settings. Every word you type in the text chat will get translated. From now on there is no language barrier between you and your chat partner.

Can I reconnect with a person if we got disconnected, and I lost her?

Due to the anonymous nature of our video chat, we do not track past connections. Once you get disconnected, we store neither logs nor even text messages. Therefore, the only chance to meet again is to surf through strangers in the chat until you see each other. The odds are high if she makes the same effort in finding you.

What are the best tips you can give to become a likable person in the chat?

Don’t hide your face. Express a sincere interest in others. Don’t forget to smile and show respect. It is that simple, isn’t it?

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