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Everything You Need To Know About Using Solar Power For Home

Solar Power For Your Place

If you’re trying to strike a balance between enjoying the marvels of electricity and reducing your carbon footprint, you should consider installing solar panels. These panels can be easily installed on your rooftop and so take up none of your valuable real estate. They can generate electricity throughout the day and when connected to a battery can power your home 24×7. So, what do you really need to know about solar power for home use?

Its low maintenance

Once installed, the solar panels and inverter are quite self sufficient. All you need to do is ensure that nothing obstructs the path of the sunlight falling on the panels. For this you may have to hose the panels down once in a while to remove debris. That’s the limit of maintenance required.

Types of solar power systems

When you decide to use solar power for house, you will have to choose between an on grid and off grid system. An on grid system is connected to the main power grid

In this case, the power your panels generate is transferred to the main grid in exchange for credit. You will continue to get your electricity supply from the main grid and monthly billswill be offsetby the credit generated.

In the case of an off grid system, tour inverter will be connected to a battery. This is where the power generated by the solar panels will be stored. As the name suggests off grid systems are not connected to the main power grid. This means that you will not be affected by blackouts. However, it does not account for seasonal changes such as winter and monsoon months when the solar panels may be unable to generate sufficient electricity. Thus, both systems have their own pros and cons.

Its budget friendly

Irrespective of whether you choose an on grid or off grid system, your monthly expenditure on electricity will be considerably reduced. In the case of the former, whatever electricity you use from the main power grid will be offset by the credits generated. If you have a very high consumption of electricity, you may have to pay a small sum to balance the difference. In the case of off grid systems, there will be no electricity bills generated tiny our name since your home will be no longer connected to the power grid.

Using solar power for home is beneficial not just for you but also for your neighborhood and the planet. You get to run all the appliances you need without worrying about indirectly contributing to the burning of fossil fuels! If you are connected to the main power grid, the electricity your home generates will be distributed to other homes in your locality. Since it will have to travel a shorter distance for distribution, the power lost in transmission will also be reduced. Thus, in a way, electricity generated through solar power is kore efficient than electricity generated by burning fossil fuels.

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