Types of Motorcycle Trailer Hitches

The time has gone when only heavy-duty vehicles like trucks and sport utility vehicles could haul cargo. Now a day, motorcycles come equipped with trailer hitches to haul cargo. Trailer hitches added to your motorcycle make it very much functional. Riders can haul useful things during long runs. Today, is available with many Motorcycle trailer hitches to suit your motorcycle needs.

Today, bikers can choose from many hitches that are specifically made for certain brand or model of motorcycles. These hitches ensure easy fit on the bike. Generally, a motorcycle trailer hitch can carry 500 pounds of maximum weight limit.Such trailer hitches makes use of hitch ball and mount similar to cars &trucks. They are well suited for hauling cargo with the motorcycle over long distances.

Different types of motorcycle trailers hitches that you can choose from are discussed below:

Standard Motorcycle Trailer Hitches

The standard hitches are always visible.

Hidden type of Motorcycle Trailer Hitches

These motorcycle trailer Hitches have a removable Ball that can be removed when not in use.

Whichever type of trailer hitch you choose for your Motorcyclebe aware of procedures for safety.

• Ensure that you have attached safety chain properly to your bike

• Ensure that the cargo loads do not cross the limit restrictions.

• Ensure that your trailer wiring harness& lights work properly.

• Ensure that the trailer hitch are precisely installed

• Ensure your bike brakes are properly installed and in operation.

• Ensure thorough check of your bike prior towing,

• Ensure load is balanced to provide 15 lbs. to 40 lbs.“Tongue Weight”.


Safest braking is when you are going straight and not leaning the bike into a turn..

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