What are the five Traits that Set -Top Business Leaders Apart?

Leadership is one of the most important aspects of a profitable business. Good leadership could make the business profitable and a pillar to the local community, while bad leadership could result in the complete collapse of the businesses. Top business leaders from all over the world have certain traits which are missing from inept leaders who do not have these positive traits. There are many traits in successful business people and leaders and the following are the details of the five traits that set-top leader apart from others in business:


The first trait that most leaders have is vision and a long term view and goal about their business. Without a goal or objectives, a business cannot flourish and it is the responsibility of most businesses to provide vision and set up targets for the business to achieve. The vision of the business should be long term yet achievable by the business and it must be the driving force behind the day to day affairs of the business. The future of any business depends on the leadership of the business and the vision of the business represents what the business stands for in the long run.


The leader is the head of a business or organization and the buck stops with the leadership in a business. Courage is an important trait that most leaders need to have in business and without the courage of taking responsibility for the business a leader cannot succeed in any business. Courage is needed to make difficult decisions, to change course in business, to place the company’s fortune on new products and services, and also to expand the business and take risks.

Clarity and Control:

One of the most important traits required in leadership is to have control and clarity in business. This means the leaders in the business must have clarity about the goals, the time limits, and the objectives of the business. Leaders need to have clear control of their business and an ability to get the employees to work together in a way that is beneficial for business.


Leadership requires taking control and a certain degree of arrogance comes with the territory of strong leaders in business. But it is also important for top business leaders to have humility in the business. A humble leader tends to inspire more loyalty from the employees and is more likely to get more sound advice, feedback, and opinions from colleagues and employees.

A good leader like Chairman of Augusta Group, Richard Warke and others will always share whatever he has with his followers so that everyone is treated equally and with respect. Richard Warke is a Canadian business executive with more than two decades of experience in the global resource sector.


This is one of the critical traits required in top business leaders as the leader needs to shoulder the responsibility of the entire organization. This means that all the stress, responsibility, goals and targets are the responsibility of the leader. Leaders need to make their customers, employees, and suppliers feel like they can depend on them to handle problems and get the job done in time.

Everybody cannot become a leader of a large business and certain types of traits mentioned above are needed for a leader to become successful in business. Effectively using these traits will make them a strong leader in their businesses in different sectors of the economy.

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