Effective Hotel Distribution Strategy

An effective hotel distribution strategy is different for every hotelier. There is not one right hotel distribution plan that everyone has to follow. There are things regarding hotel distribution that a hotelier should understand and adopt according to their hotel requirement. As a hotelier for the most effective strategy; you have to watch more vigilantly on the points that effect your hotel operations. You need to get your hands on the right hotel suppliers such as DZEE products and; market your hotel through all the right channels. Through these channels you create a chain that attracts the right guest audience for you.

Understanding Hotel Distribution Strategy

Finding the right hotel distribution channel, marketing your hotel, increasing hotel visibility; and targeting the right travelers are the main components of the hotel distribution strategy.

The main goal of every hotel is to find the maximum number of guests to maximize hotel occupancy. In order to sell hotel rooms, guests should know of your existence. For that you need to find the right channels to let travelers know what are they missing out on. If travelers have never heard of you, it would mean you’re not doing anything right. This includes ensuring the hotel has the right products to make the guest stay comfortable and memorable. Then a hotel needs to use the right mix of marketing channels such as a

  • Website
  • social media
  • online travel agents
  • wholesalers
  • global distribution system

They are the right channels to help hotels put themselves out there for the right travelers to approach them. The strategy here is picking the right channel mix and partners for the most effective results.

It can be difficult to get right but you have to analyze everything right to the last detail. Once you have the calculated pros and cons of everything, you can start formulating your unique hotel distribution strategy.

hotel distribution strategy

Building Your Hotel Distribution Strategy

The most effective plan of action for every hotel is when they are visible on the maximum number of channels.

When travelers see you existing everywhere online, with the right active profiles, they are more likely to reach you out. You need to be active on all the platforms, interactive, and just be there for your guests. Every business has its own ways of getting things done. Hence all hotel distribution strategies would be made with those individual business operations in mind.

1.     What is your objective?

Before starting to carve the path be sure of where do you want to end up; don’t want to lose your way half-way there.

An in-depth analysis of your current business needs to be done. This will help you understand where your business is lacking and why more people are not making the bookings. Once you have the understanding, it will help with identifying the right hotel distribution mix. With that you can focus on increasing visibility, bookings, and profitability throughout the year.

Low traveling season is when hotels take a hit the most. This will help you tackle all such problems and create the right hotel distribution strategy.

2.     Through Your Guests

When you have recurring guests who trust you, you want people who trust them to visit you; hence you want them to recommend you.

Your first most-trusted ambassadors are the people who have already experienced your hospitality themselves. Getting them to endorse you, write reviews, give you shoutouts, and spread a positive-word-of-mouth adds more potential guests to the list. Their friends and family are more likely to give you a chance upon their recommendation. Hotels rely on good reviews and your loyal guests are just the right people to get them from. You can offer loyal guests a discount percentage on reference to increase their interest in sharing their experience.

Remember, the more the guests are talking positively about you, the more distribution they are contributing to.

Through Your Guests


3.     Profitable But Market Competitive Pricing Strategy

Everyone wants to maximize on their profits, but you have to keep the current market state in mind.

Prices fluctuate according to traveling season and also the market’s economic conditions. Depending on the guests you target, the services you provide; and your overall standing, you have to price everything accordingly. The more economical and budget-friendly you are, the more people will opt for you. This is because everyone is traveling on a budget. The masses cannot always afford high prices. Deals, packages, and economical upgrade offers let more people know that you are there; and they can opt for you especially when the prices are soaring high.

Profits are the main reason behind working so hard; but you have to understand your guests and their budget constraints also. Especially when you have a slow season, you want to put out deals that give your guests the right motivation to plan a trip.

4.     Always Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

Consistency and maintaining your promise to deliver through the years is the only way to constantly keep your hotel profitable.

You don’t only set goals to achieve them temporarily; effective hotel distribution strategy is when your hotel is recognized by travelers across generations. Adapt yourself to the new trends. Let the travelers know they are always the first priority. The day you forget your goals and start focusing on other things, is the day you start losing your name in the market. Never fall astray from giving your guests the best. Hotel occupancy is maximized through thorough effort across the years.

They don’t say consistency is key without a reason. The more focused you are on the goal, the better you are able to plan your hotel distribution strategy.

5.     Tap into Technology

One of the smartest and most powerful hotel distribution channels you have is the power of internet.

Everyone is online, be it your website, your social media, or even your reviews. Guests want to know everything about you just by tapping on a screen. Along with that, the booking, and check-in process should be smooth. When you are active online, make the processes simpler, guests are more likely to be drawn to your hotel. An effective hotel distribution plan that has the right digital strategy would be the most visible and easily approachable hotel at all times.


Hotel Images

6.     Appoint the Right Person to Manage

You have to find the right channel manager to ensure your strategy is always making the right impact on your guests.

Get yourself the right channel manager to help you understand everything about hotel distribution and your strategy. This would be your invested time and money and getting the right results and maximizing your profits and occupancy rate. There are several online channel managers that you can opt for or even hire someone for your hotel to work directly with you.

7.     Content is the Way to Go

Increase your online reach by putting yourself out there with all the information that there is.

You need to breakdown everything you offer from rooms, pools, breakfast, air-conditioning, booking process, check-in or check-out process, and more. Everything from amenities to services, the details should be out there for everyone to read. This helps people searching for a hotel know that you are a professional who owns what they are promising. This also gives you leverage over new customers who might not put their trust in you otherwise.

Yes, the world has moved on to video content but written content still holds a very important place when it comes to putting information out there. You should find the right balance between the two.

Manage Your Hotel Distribution

Effective hotel distribution strategy needs to be adapted according to the times; so this is a process that keeps changing over the years.

If you want your hotel to always shine through, be occupied, and be profitable; you need to keep working without tiring. The world is changing faster than ever. Even the hotel distribution plans from last year have drastically changed. Find the right channels and start planning and implementing your strategies today.



What is the most effective distribution strategy according to you? Let us know in the comments below.


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