12 Social Login Options Available

These days social Login is one of the most popular login methods because of the simple process of login/signup. The default login of Magento 2 is boring and time-taking also.

Now the eCommerce store merchant can replace the default login/signup method and make store login/signup hassle-free for the customers.

Knowband’s Magento 12 Social Login Options Available or extension helps the store merchant in providing better user experience and increasing customer registration in the store. If you are a Magento 2 store admin and want to implement this feature on your store then go for Knowband’s Magento 2 Social Login extension.


Five Reasons for implementing Knowband’s Magento 2 Social Login module:


  1. 12 social login options available: The online store merchant can use this Magento 12 Social Login module and show 12 social login options on the website front-end interface. The Magento 2 Social Media Login extension allows showing Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Paypal, Instagram, Twitter, Amazon, Linkedin, Live, Dropbox, Foursquare and WordPress websites as social login/signup option.
  2. Select pages for showing Social login options: The online merchant has an option to set social login/signup header link for quick login and also set text for this header link. Customers just need to click on the header link and view a quick login popup for login/signup using social options. Admin can also show social login/signup options on the login page, signup page and checkout page.\
  3. Easy Settings for appearance improvement: The Social Login for Magento 2 allows applying hover effects for the social login/signup button. The e-merchant can fix the shape of buttons from the admin interface of Social Login Options for Magento 2. The Magento 2 Social Media Login extension also provides an option to show social login options horizontally/vertically.
  4. Provides Statistics for Analysis: The eCommerce store merchant can easily check and analyze social login related details. Here, you can check the most popular login/signup options and also view the customer detail who logged in/signup using the social login method.
  5. Mobile Responsiveness: The online users can easily login/signup with their mobile devices because of the mobile responsive layout of Social Login Options for Magento 2.
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User Benefits offered by Magento 2 Social Media Login extension:

  • The online consumers can log in/signup the store just by clicking on any preferred social login option.
  • There is a quick login button available for successful signup/login.
  • The online users can view social login/signup options on the login page, signup page and checkout page.
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  • Creating a social media presence for your business is without a doubt, beneficial. If you are a small business owner or entrepreneur, setting up a business page on popular social media sites like Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+ and Facebook is a great marketing strategy. Customers can read more about your business and get your contact details.Wise management spells success

    The boom of social media as a marketing strategy has been around for a while. Some businesses are sharing their benefits while others have to learn the hard way. If you can get hundreds of customers through your sites, you can also lose them faster than you gained them if you experience a social media meltdown. Imagine having all those subscribers that can see your every update. They’ll be so dependent on looking at your sites for the latest happening on your business, especially when something goes wrong.

    12 Social Login Options Available meltdown can happen in many forms. It may be because an update on one of your sites riled up your subscribers, or possibly the person handling your site responds to subscribers in a rude manner.

    Sometimes, it may be caused by too much (or lack of) activity in your site. Basically, a meltdown happens when you start losing subscribers in bulk.

    he moment you decide to set up a social media site for your business, plan out how you’re going to do it well. Will you be maintaining it by yourself or will you hire someone to do it for you? If you already have an account, have you considered the proper precautions to avoid a social media meltdown?

    The biggest failure I see on social media sites are those who think it’s “so easy” that they try to handle it and end up being sporadic in their posts or tweets. That inconsistency in and of itself speaks volumes about who you are and what kind of dedication, professionalism and follow-through you have with your business or your interactions.

    Tips to protect your brand from a social media meltdown

    Content planning – when you have your content, follow a schedule to post on your sites. If you have promos or new products, strategically include them in your schedule, but make sure you don’t start over-posting because it may also cause your subscribers to unfollow you.


    . You can also give them sample updates so they get the tone you want for your updates. Remember that whatever update gets posted on your site will affect your business, good or bad.

    It’s very important to be proactive with this. When it comes to your social marketing team, you can never over communicate. Include them in all memos, updates and promotions so that they can work well as an extension of your brand.

    Man your site – you have given your customers a chance to make it easier to reach you.

    They will love you for your customer service.

    Apologize – when customers express their dissatisfaction on your sites, communicate with them properly and apologize for the inconvenience. You can then give them a solution to their concern. Apologizing will calm your customer and make the conversation more productive.

  • Post updates on when they are expected to arrive, etc.Avoiding a social meltdown is all about properly managing your social media sites. It all starts with proper planning and understanding your purpose of having a site. You invested time and effort in setting it up and attracting customers, so don’t waste your efforts by neglecting it. This will show that you are listening, caring and cautious about their privacy. All are important in showing what a true professional you are.

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12 Social Login Options Available is a Saas service with three main functionalities: engagement, publishing, and analytics. As a social media aggregator tool, it aims to promote communication between people and a business.



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