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Guest blogging for an effective content marketing strategy

Writing an article and posting it on someone else’s website is known as “Guest Blogging”. Guest blogging is often referred to as “Guest Posting”. There are a lot of different reasons for guest blogging. Some are:

  • Having more traffic on the website
  • Increasing their rankings by providing links to other articles
  • Raising and building their brand
  • Developing the relationship within the industry

Guest blogging is a two-way street because it benefits both parties involved i.e. writer and the owner of the website. Guest blogging has several other benefits too. It can help in building yourself as an authority figure in your industry. It also helps in having a relationship with the pioneers of your field.

If you are hosting a website, then you should also feature some guest bloggers as it provides your audience a unique and overwhelming content on regular basis. It keeps the audience engaged and makes them want to come back again and again. It also helps you in boosting your rankings to a whole new level.

Guest blogging for an effective content marketing strategy:

When we talk about guest blogging or guest posting services, one of the most asked questions is “Can guest blogging be used as an effective marketing strategy?” The answer to this question is yes and if you are not using it then you certainly should.

We are living in an era where technology is at its peak. Every social media platform has thousands of bloggers and guest bloggers. They are hired for the marketing of any and every kind of business and product. It’s just social media. When we dive into the world of websites, the scope expands more. It has become a trend to hire guest bloggers for marketing.

Now, let’s talk about content marketing. Suppose you are hosting a website that features a few guest bloggers. You have an engaged audience. Now, what can you do to offer them a fresh, unique, and different perspective every time they come to read your content? Well, you can have more guest bloggers. It is also the other way round like if you are a guest blogger. You can choose the website to which you can provide your services. If your content is great, it is automatically being marketed already, by posting it on the website.

Advantages of guest blogging as an effective marketing strategy:

As I’ve said before, guest blogging is a two-way street. It not only benefits the writer but also the publisher or the person who is hosting the website. Hosting personnel wants to provide quality and engaging content to their audience while on the other hand, the writer wants to establish him/herself as an authority figure and needs a place to promote his/her content. The publisher offers the writer a platform to promote his/her content and in return, the writer offers the content, sometimes even for free. Both the parties involved mutually benefit.

There are a lot of other benefits which are discussed below:

  • You can easily expand your network by posting your content on different sites and leaving comments. You can have a vast community and share your content with the audience on regular basis.
  • You can expose yourself to the targeted and specific audience with the help of guest posting. So, if you write quality content, you can easily see the traffic increasing.
  • If you have engaging and unique content at your disposal, you can build your social media profiles. Shares and following on your profiles will increase which will ultimately help in establishing yourself and expanding your network.
  • Guest blogging can help you in building your online authority. If you have a great online authority then the customer will trust you otherwise, they don’t have a reason to put their faith in you.
  • Guest Posting Services help in establishing your brand. No matter how talented, knowledgeable, and great a writer you are, the audience will not take you as a credible figure if you try to go for yourself.
  • If you are a guest blogger, you can have positive feedback from the community and your audience. The feedback can help you out in more ways than you can imagine. It can help you in knowing where you need to improve, what your lacking’s are, and what you can do better in the future.

Guest blogging is neither a one-time thing nor it can have results overnight. You need to be patient and dedicated. Guest blogging does give results. So, being short-tempered and willing it quite on first disappointment does not encourage guest blogging.

How to use guest blogging as an effective content marketing strategy: 

Now that we have established that guest blogging is an effective content marketing strategy, the next question arises which is, how to use guest blogging as an effective marketing strategy. Now, it does not require you to have just one or two qualities. You have to have a vast idea of what can you help create good content. There are many things that you need to consider and work on before declaring yourself as a guest blogger. Some of them are discussed below:


If you want to use guest blogging as a content marketing strategy then the content is the first thing that you need to consider. You should have unique and engaging content, the content that inspires the audience. You should be able to see things from a democratic point of view or both sides of the coin. Discuss the positive as well as the negative side of the topic at hand. Having amazing content at your disposal does guarantee a lot of opportunities.


When you are declaring yourself as a guest blogger, always choose the platform wisely. All kinds of guest blogging happen on the internet i.e. online nowadays. There are a lot of digital agencies that can help you in introducing yourself on a well-established platform. Some of these digital agencies have various website hosts at their disposal.

You can also choose for yourself which platform or website best suits your category or niche. Choosing the channels accordingly helps you in making sure that you are publishing the content for the right audience.


When you are using guest blogging as a content marketing strategy, you need to choose your audience very carefully. You can’t write scientific or research-based articles for the audience that have an interest in literature. So, you need to choose your audience accordingly. If you’ll not have an engaged audience then what is the point of writing top-notch articles.

Your audience is probably the most prime factor in establishing you as an authority figure. Always make sure what they are looking for and what they need to stay on the site. Your audience becomes your customer eventually. So, you can’t afford to make a mistake regarding your audience.


Guest blogging is becoming popular nowadays. So, if you decide to affiliate yourself with it, just make sure you do it right because you can’t just go back now and then to start again. Once you start to post your content on some website, always be punctual and do it regularly. Don’t keep your audience waiting. See everything that you post with a critical eye and ensure that it’s your game before publishing the content.

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