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The concept of doors in houses, offices, restaurants, hotels, restrooms, banks, and many more places came

from the origin of “privacy”. The sense of privacy and loneliness or secretive conversations or activities cannot be

possible without doors. In the ancient past, there were no doors and only a way to enter and exit the house of

those times. And nobody imagined this much advancement at that time of the human past. Later on, the concept

of privacy helped to manufacture clothing items in front of the gates of houses or rooms. Privacy for changing

clothes and other purposes required doors to separate people. Moreover, other than privacy, the sense of

security helped humans to manufacture doors for their houses and items in their houses. But now with the

advancements in technology. A sense of concern for the safety of houses and expensive items inside the house

emerged. Resulting in the advancements of door manufacturing from wooden doors to polymer doors to glass

sliding doors. Being rich made people concern for safe doors for the safety of cash and items. Doors with

automatic locks have now been introduced in the world. Doors having sensors, manual controlling system and

much more being highly reliable and easy to control for every user. In this post, we will be discussing several

doors and their manufacturing materials. Also, many details will be shared with you. The market size of doors is

vast and comprises many door types for example Panel doors, Glass doors, and many more.

Classification of Doors:

On the Basis of Location:

  1. Interior Doors
  2. Exterior Doors

On the basis of Materials:

  1. Glass doors
  2. Fiberglass doors
  3. Steel doors
  4. Wooden doors
  5. Timber doors
  6. Aluminum doors
  7. PVC doors

On the basis of closure operation of Doors:

  1. Sliding doors
  2. Revolving doors
  3. Folding doors
  4. Collapsing Doors
  5. Pivot Doors
  6. Swinging Doors

On the basis of construction method:

  1. Louvered Doors
  2. Panel Doors
  3. Wire gauzed Doors
  4. Flush Doors

When you require to design your house with doors. The information regarding the placement of doors is

necessary. If you place a door suitable for banks in your children’s rooms then much trouble will be faced by the

children and others also.

  • Exterior Doors

Doors outside any building or house or any office are the most important doors. You might have guessed and

that is right. Due to the safety and security of the place. The external door allows everyone to enter and exit the

place. Also, the doors must be resistant to weather especially. If the doors are in Russia which faces a harsh

climate due to snow and cold climate, then the doors must not be brittle to crack wide open. Thickness and

durability with stability are essential factors related to doors, especially for exterior purposes. Exterior doors are

usually made up of wood or steel to provide adequate protection to the place. Moreover, proper paint or polish is

applied to the door. Exterior doors are manufactured such that they can resist different types of locks since they

are placed at the most prestigious place of the house.

  • Interior Doors

The only purpose for interior doors must be in your mind is to separate different rooms for privacy. First thing is, internal doors have thinner width as compared to external doors. The exposure to weather or climate is not concerned with the internal doors. Interior doors are made up of steel, wood, glass, aluminum, PVC, etc. The classification of interior doors is completed as:

  • Wooden Door

Wooden doors are usually used for the purpose of internal privacy of rooms and portions. Timber is one of the

oldest materials utilized for doors and it doesn’t run out of fashion also. Wooden doors are utilized for

soundproofing ability, security, and nonetheless insulation. Wooden doors are very easy for installation purposes.

These doors are also long-lasting. 

  • Glass Doors

Glass doors aids in the richness & decoration purposes of the offices and houses. These doors are elegant and provide beauty to your place too. The option of infusing glass panels into wooden frames sprinkles beauty to the place. Talking about the disadvantages of this type of door is that it can be broken easily as compared to wooden doors. But with proper barrier properties mixed with higher stability and toughness. This act of breaking is not possible.

  • Steel Doors

Steel doors are utilized both internally and externally in houses and offices and much more places. Insulation is

proper inside these doors due to the foam core. 

  • PVC Doors

Polyvinyl chloride doors termed PVC doors are lightweight and handy to use. Variation in designs and colors to

make your area beautiful. No corrosion due to no steel utilized and its purely plastic in nature.

  • Fiberglass Doors

The exterior application utilizes these fiber-glass doors. Better design options are available in this type of

door. The main advantage is that these doors can be molded in different styles and shapes. Hard and durable in

properties. Quite an economical type of door.

  • Aluminum Glazed Doors

Commerical places utilize aluminum doors plus glass panels. Having stronger, durable and harder properties to

be available for security purposes. But if a full aluminum door without a glass panel is utilized without glass panel

will result in the poor appearance of the door.

  • FRP Doors

Plastic doors with fiber-reinforced in them are known to be FRP Doors are available in different colors in the

market of doors. Advantages such as weather resistance, light in weight, higher strength, low maintenance, and

corrosion-free make the demand for this door higher.

  • Folding Doors

These doors are utilized when 2 rooms are required to be used as a single room or vice versa. These doors are

most often utilized as doors opening towards the garden side of houses.

  • Sliding Doors

@Cortech provides the fanciest doors for sliding purposes. Both automatic and manual doors are under the

domain of Cortech. The doors are provided with tracks to slide on with the help of sensors or manually. The

utilization of these doors is in offices and the areas where the crowd enters or leaves commonly at a higher rate.

Moreover, these doors are used to save space.

  • Swinging Doors

Cortech also provides swing doors. Two types are: Single act doors swinging at 90 degrees or higher in a single

direction. Double act doors swinging at 90 degrees or higher in 2 directions.

  • Revolving Doors

Revolving doors are mainly utilized in malls and amusement parks or for indoor shopping. The system works

such that the rotation of the door is dependent on the central point. These types of doors are heavily utilized in

heavy traffic places such as shopping malls, hospitals and many other places.


These were the few types of doors discussed briefly. If every type gets discussed then a book should be written

in this category. Every door type is necessary for each and every place required. Moreover, the properties are

continuously improving day by day in the door industry. Multiple companies are working to manufacture doors for

different purposes. The current generation is facing new advancements in the door industry. Moreover, the

advancements won’t stop and new features indoors will be available in the future also. If you liked the post then

do follow this for more and read out more posts regarding doors and their properties and types.

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