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Spinal Surgery – Benefits & Types with Procedures

One of the ways to solve this problem is to have surgery. The type of surgery usually adapts to the type of disturbance that occurs in the patient.

To learn more about spine surgery, check out this article.

Types of spine surgery

There are many types of spine surgery or procedures and have their own specifications. Here are some things that are often done in patients with more specific disorders.

1. Spinal fusion

The connection of multiple spinal joints can be done if the patient experiences severe and unknown pain. This pain usually gets worse with time and activities.

The doctor will treat the pain problems by connecting the bones in the spine called the vertebrae. This connection will not cause movement disturbances. However, it takes away the pain that a person feels.

If you have done this operation, a person cannot do other bad habits. The habit of smoking should be eliminated immediately as it can cause a more serious problem, namely complications.

Complications that arise in the spine after surgery will require more serious treatment.

2. Foraminotomy

A foraminotomy is a surgical procedure done to treat problems with pinched nerves. Usually, a pinched nerve can trigger chronic problems such as severe pain that sometimes cannot be resolved with medication.

This procedure is performed by cutting several sections of the spine or vertebrae. This partial cut will reduce the pressure on the nerves so that the pain experienced by the victim will decrease on its own.

This cut makes the nerves more open and freer to perform their functions. However, there are several things to consider if the spine is cut, namely imperfect stability.

An unstable spine is prone to injury if a person is doing strenuous activities. On top of that, the healing process is also long. It can take months or years.

3. Laminectomy

This procedure is almost the same as a foraminotomy, the doctor will remove several pieces of bone and also some joints in the spine. This is because the pain due to the pinched nerve will no longer occur because the pinched part has been removed.

The effect of this method is a decrease in the stability felt by the spine. This decrease in stability makes it difficult for a person to do too strenuous activities.

If the bone becomes unstable, additional procedures usually need to be done to keep it stable. Another procedure that can be performed is spinal junction with spinal fusion.

Usually, the doctor will perform the procedure together. By doing this, there will be no side effects. If there are any side effects, they can certainly be minimized.

4. Discectomy

A discectomy is a procedure that is performed to remove the disc that lies between the vertebrae. Discs with problems like hernias or lumps usually press on the nerves in the spine, which can trigger pain.

This operation is performed using a minimally invasive technique. This means that nothing will be done. This way the chances of problems such as injury are low. Healing will also be minimal with surgery.

This operation is generally part of the major operations like the three procedures mentioned above. Thus, the removal of part of the spine can be continued by grafting or fusion to make it more stable.

5. Disk Replacement

This is done by replacing the part of the disk or disk that is damaged. If there is damage, it is likely that the spine is difficult to move. For this, the addition of artificial discs must be done well.

After removing the disc that is in the middle of the vertebrae, an artificial disc can be inserted. In addition, the disc can operate as usual. After the replacement, the recovery process usually won’t take long.

While this can fix spinal issues, it is likely that problems will still occur if not with the right procedures.

6. Interlinear Implants

This procedure is performed with a minimally invasive process, which means that there is not a lot of surgery involved. Usually, doctors do this to avoid complications that make the condition worse.

The doctor, who performs the interlinear implant surgery, will insert a U-shaped device.

This tool is inserted between the two vertebrae in the lower back. This implant will reduce the pressure on the nerves which are usually stronger.

This procedure will make the movements experienced by a person go well. Unfortunately, some problems will arise such as difficulty bending so that some activities cannot be performed perfectly.

Benefits of spine surgery

Spine surgery has a myriad of benefits. If patients perform this operation, they will enjoy benefits such as:

  • Experience advancements in mobility, such as being easy to move around, whether walking or running
  • Most likely in better physical shape.
  • Experiment with an increase in mood so that you don’t get easily angry.
  • Reduce the intake of drugs used to reduce pain belonging to the body. The pain felt by the body is usually severe when there are disorders of the spine.
  • Can do daily activities as usual, such as work. But be careful while buying chair after spine surgery.
  • Spine surgery is very helpful in treating problems related to the nervous system.
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