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Spine Curvature Disorders: Its Major Types & Causes

The spine or backbone contains multiple small bones, and they all are interconnected with one another along with the discs. Each of the bone is allied with one on top of another.  Generally, a spine with gentle curves is considered healthy with no back problem. The ultimate purpose of curves is to take-up pressure from the body movement & gravity.

For a strong & fit spine, the spine’s back view must run straight. It must be located in the middle of the back. If it is not the case, then surely something is wrong with the spine. The abnormal spine causes misalignment in the natural curvatures of the spine. It mainly occurs with scoliosis, KyphosisKyphosis & Lordosis.


You must know all the major types of SCD for the finest treatment.

  • Lordosis

It is also known as Swayback. A person with this problem experiences an inward spine at the lower back.

  • Kyphosis

A person with this back problem faces an abnormal rounded upper back. With this issue, a person can’t straight for a longer time.

  • Scoliosis

Scoliosis makes the sideways of the spine curvy. Usually, the curve is of C-shaped or S-shaped.

Flat Back Syndrome

It is a complicated situation where the lower spine loses some of the natural curvatures. Resultantly, a person finds not only loses the back’s flexibility but can’t stand straight for a longer time.

Some major health issues, including degenerative disc disease, makes Flat Back syndrome worse to endure. Moreover, fractures and injuries can also make Lumbar Spine Straightening difficult for a person.

Improving posture & some physical exercises are considered effective in getting rid of back pain caused by Flat Back Syndrome. But, in some complicated cases, surgeons suggest surgery to get rid of this back issue permanently.


There are multiple reasons for having a curvy spine, and ignoring them can make your health worse.

Some key conditions that may cause Lordosis

  • Excess weight makes back issue intricate
  • Osteoporosis is a situation where a patient’s vertebrae become delicate and can be broken easily.
  • Benign is an undisruptive condition but causes juvenile Lordosis.

We are highlighting some main conditions that may cause Kyphosis.

  • Improper standing posture
  • Inappropriate development of vertebrae in utero
  • Spine Infections
  • Spine Tumours

Surprisingly, doctors are unable to find out the key causes of scoliosis experienced by adolescents. But generally, as per the doctor’s perceptions, scoliosis tends to run hereditarily. However, illness, infection, or injuries are possible causes too.


Some most effective therapies of Lordosis;

  • Instant medications to cure swelling & pain
  • Daily exercise to control weight
  • Physical activities and exercise for the power and flexibility of bones
  • Surgery (in the most serious scenario)

Treatment for Kyphosis;

The treatments to cure Kyphosis are quite the same as Lordosis. However, proper care and precautions can effectively treat this problem.

Treatment for Scoliosis;

  • Bracing
  • Body Casting
  • Surgery

How to Know If You Have a Spine Curvature Disorder?

An expert doctor can easily diagnose this problem by taking your family & medical history. Secondly, the doctor examines your body to get to know the real picture of your spine.

So, if you feel any of the problems mentioned above, consult your doctor immediately.

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