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Does Your Water Purifier Filter The Water In A True Sense?

In this era where population and pollution are rapidly increasing it is hard to collect pure water. Pollution has drastically affected our health. Water is the basic component to survive not only for humans but also for other living beings. However, looking at the health condition of people worldwide, it is a great matter of consideration to see the level of purity of water. Here we will discuss everything that you should know about the latest purifier. 

 But we live in the age of science and technology. Now if people can visit the moon, this purification of water is not a big issue. With the help of science and technology, the fastest and effective purifiers have been developed to clean polluted water.

Importance of water purifier

 Everyone should be aware of all the purification techniques so we can easily deal with the wide range of water purifiers available in the market. Make sure to choose what is best for us and not misguided by sellers. We must drink only pure water because there is a great chance of disease if it doesn’t happen. And water purifiers are therefore essential because they assure that only pure and safe water intake is in our body.

Why do people invest in water purifiers?

People have realised the importance of water purifiers. Why?  Because the waterborne disease is spreading at a high rate their lives are not safe from drinking such water. Keeping in mind all the above facts, everyone wants an ideal purifier for their home for the safety of their loved ones. But it is no easy task to choose one when a variety of brands are flooded in the market.


 I know your stress level is touching the peak, but this is not the time to take the unnecessary burden on your head. The best thing you can do is to get knowledge before purchasing by carefully reading the article at the end. Hold your breath because your queries are going to be resolved soon. 

Does Your Water Purifier Filter The Water In A True Sense?

More about water purifier

As it is measured that the impurities in water are not specific all the time.  Therefore keeping this in mind the method of purifying are based on the different kinds of impurities present in water bodies. Read this article to gain knowledge about the one best purifier that suits your needs and after all, you make the best choice. There are different kinds of purifiers available but you need to find that to accomplish all your needs. So are you ready to know? 

What are the different types of purifiers?

Let’s first go with what are the different unfamiliar names you will see when finally decided to bring this gadget home. Each type of purifier has its specific purpose; it is not possible that one type suits everyone. The wide range of variety in models and filtration methods are due to the various requirements which vary from person to person.  

Have a glance at some of the different kinds of purifiers available in the market. 

  • Gravity based water purifiers

This type of water purifier runs without electricity; they use the force of gravity to purify water. In addition to removing the unwanted particles, the carbon module helps to clean and save the water for consumption. It works like when water flows from one section of the purifier to another all those visible dust particles and impurities are eliminated. This type of purifier is considered budget-friendly and if the TDS level of your area is low then you can choose this as a good choice.  

  • RO water purifier 

 The RO(Reverse osmosis) water purifiers are the most efficient and finest technology of today. In areas where the TDS(total dissolved solids) level is high then this technology is effective to use. This purifier is used to remove heavy metals like arsenic, fluoride, mercury present in drinking water. However, it is important to ensure the TDS controller before purchasing because it also removes essential minerals. 

  • UV water purifier 

UV (ultraviolet) water purifier is one of the best-known purifiers which helps us to protect from severe waterborne disease. Like gravity-based purifiers use the force of gravity to work,  this purifier uses UV rays to clean drinking water. These UV purifiers run on electricity to remove harmful germs present in water.

  • UF water purifier 

This is another type of purifier that runs without electricity. UF(ultrafiltration) purifiers do not work where chemical contamination is high, overall it is ideal where chemical contamination is low. When choosing a UF purifier it is thereby important to note that such purifiers do not work with hard water. Like the dissolved salts in hard water will remain the same after and before purification in UF purifiers.

Does Your Water Purifier Filter The Water In A True Sense?

Top Parameters you must consider before buying a purifier 

  • Check the water quality

It is therefore the primary topic to examine the supply source of water. Check the various types of contamination present in water. As if the water contains TDS total dissolved solids with a high level then a reverse osmosis RO based purifier is an ideal choice. However, choices make difference with the variety of contamination present in water. 

  • Look for the storage capacity 


The right purifier for you undoubtedly depends on the number of people with water consumption. The family pattern is directly related to purchasing a purifier because you need to keep in mind that this should ensure sufficient water storage for providing ample drinking water also in case lights went out. So choose wisely the size of the purifier which is suitable for every family member and kindly don’t ignore this point not even by mistake. 


  • Consider the authenticity of the product 


 Don’t just simply show blind faith in any product, also don’t get influenced easily by the sugar words of sellers. It is all your responsibility to check the quality of the purifier before you make further payment. It is all your responsibility to choose the best and safe product for yourself. You can go with brands that are certified by ISI, WQA, NSF and yes you trust this kind of brand that have validated certificates because these certificates give you assurance regarding the authenticity of the brand.


  • Consider the cost-efficiency

It is safe for you to discuss the latter cost of maintenance before making payment. Making things clear in advance regarding cost, quality, replacement is good for you because it can create trouble in future. With accurate analysis, it is easy to select the best purifier for you. It is normal to replace the filter of the water purifier and the frequency varies from brand to quality. 


Final words

Contamination of water leads to many severe health diseases so it is important to ensure the safety of your family by making a good deal with a water purifier as per your requirement. Always remember that one formula is not always fit for everyone. While taking the very first step in the market, you will see several products that vary from brands, prices, sizes, which might confuse you but with the help of given factors of consideration, it is no longer a big issue to purchase the best purifier. Investing once in this technology can give you relief from frequent and costly medical charges. 

 The world is stepping towards safe drinking but what about you?

Purity is, therefore, necessary and it is the foremost medicine.

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