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Debunking the Most Common SEO Marketing Myths That Exist Today

68 percent of online experiences begin with keywords typed into a search engine. SEO marketing, then, controls a vast portion of our online experiences. By prioritizing certain keywords, brands can change your search results, purchasing patterns, brand loyalties, and more.

However, SEO marketing strategies are always changing. Google alters the SEO algorithm in order to provide more value to searchers and penalize poorly written content.

To stay on top of SEO marketing tactics, it’s important to keep your proverbial ear to the ground. But in this process of educating yourself and staying on top of trends, you’ll run into many myths.

These myths can waste your time, destroy your search engine rankings, and damage your brands. That’s why we’ve assembled a guide to some of the most common SEO myths.

Top Rankings Are Guaranteed

We’ve all seen the ads. If you fork over the right amount of cash, a self-proclaimed digital marketing expert will take the reins and ensure your SEO success.

It’s true that the best SEO company can help you rank higher, establish authority, and provide value to customers — read more here to learn how! Sometimes, all it takes is a solid knowledge of the digital marketing funnel and some hard work.

With enough effort and knowledge of SEO marketing, your rankings will likely improve. But nothing is a solid guarantee, and anyone who makes such farfetched promises should be viewed with suspicion.

Of course, working with a local SEO firm is a great idea. Just don’t stake everything on promises you’ll rank #1.

The More Links, The Better

A lot has changed since the early days of SEO marketing strategies. Now, the best marketing funnel is dedicated largely to whoever has the highest quality content.

In the old days, this myth used to be true. Links helped spread your content web while connecting to audiences that other sites had already snared.

Now, link quality is paramount. Are you linking to respected publications like the New York Times? Google’s search ranking algorithm will look kindly on this approach.

But if you’re cramming your content with links, you could be sabotaging your content before you even have a chance of getting off the ground.

Local SEO Doesn’t Matter

If your brand is on the Internet, then it can be accessed by anyone in the world. This type of bold globalization has led to an explosion of growth for brands that are able to adapt to it.

While expanding your reach to hungry customers is great, don’t ignore those in your own backyard. Local SEO accounts for 46 percent of searches, which is a significant chunk of potential traffic!

Leveraging SEO Marketing

When you’re well-informed, your SEO approach will result in better content, customers, and marketing. Taking the time to educate yourself and partner with experts to get the right angle on your SEO marketing is always worth it!

If you’d like to read more, check out the rest of our posts here!

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