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Common Myths about Root Canal Therapy You Need to Know

Some people may get into an anxiety attack with just mere mention of the root canal therapy. The images of the severely painful dental procedures may come to mind, and it may lead to patients avoiding root canal therapy altogether- even the treatment may be their only chance to save their teeth.

Getting to know about the root canal therapy myths will help you to decide to get the root canal therapy which can save your teeth.

Myth Number 1: Root Canals are Painful

A root canal therapy alleviates the pain caused by tooth damaged, an infected tooth pulp, or a nerve or root that is slowly dying. In the earlier year root canal therapies used to be carried with the old methods which made the impression that it causes excruciating pain, but in present times advanced methods carry the therapy in a smooth way.

The reason for considering the root canal therapy more painful comes in for the procedure experiencing severe pain from the affected tooth; The anxiety and apprehension over the tooth and the procedure may contribute to the actual sensations felt. However, most people who have had root canal therapies state that they did not feel any pain or discomfort during the procedure, which actually led them to feel better afterward.

Myth Number 2: A Root Canal Therapy Involves a Lot of Dental Appointments

The myth about the root canal therapy is that patient needs to go through a number of appointments of the dentist. But it can actually be done and completed in one or two sittings. The number of dental clinic visits needs to get root canal therapy depends on the severity of the infection of the affected tooth/root.

Myth Number 3: Root Canals Cause Illnesses

Some people still believe in the myth that has started with a study conducted by western Price that root canal therapy causes serious illness such as arthritis, heart diseases, or kidney diseases. But modern studies have eradicated this myth and found the fact the bacteria within the mouth can cause serious illness even without having a root canal therapy.

Myth Number 4: Pregnant Women Should Not Have Root Canals

Another myth about the root canal therapy is that pregnant women shouldn’t have root canals stems from the need for X-rays before the actual root canal treatment. But the dentists exercise the necessary precautions to avoid exposing a pregnant woman to the potentially hazardous X-ray radiations. A lead apron can be provided to protect the unborn child if a pregnant woman needs to have the X-rays before having the root canal treatment. With the necessary precautions put into place, there is no need to worry for a pregnant woman to have a root canal therapy – especially if it means having better oral health.

Myth Number 5: Tooth Extraction is Better than Root Canal

The myth about root canal therapy is that tooth extraction is better than a root canal. This myth may be connected to the severe pain caused by root canal therapy. Although it may take less time to extract the tooth, it can lead to a gap where the extracted tooth was positioned; and the surrounding teeth can start shifting making it hard to clean. Saving the tooth by root canal is always a better option than losing it to tooth extraction.

Myth Number 6: Benefits of Root Canal Therapy Do not Last Long

This myth that the root canal therapy does not last longer is believed to have originated from patients who experienced breaking their teeth a few months after having a successful root canal treatment. Root canal treatment includes the removal of the nerve that stops the blood flow in the interior part of the tooth, causing it to become brittle and prone to breakage; this is the reason installation of a dental crown is needed to complete a successful root canal therapy. Installation of a dental crown ensures that the benefits of a root canal therapy will last for a really long time.

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