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Health Insurance in Australia – Busting Common Myths

Australia has a highly integrated healthcare system, but resources are not uniformly dispersed due to its large scale. In Australia, health care is provided by both government and private health insurance providers. The government mostly funds health care in Australia at national, state, and local government levels. Besides, there is private health insurance as well.

The Medicare insurance plan covers most of the expense of primary and associated healthcare facilities of the citizens and permanent residents of Australia. Medicare is funded by taxation, which is also known as the Medicare levy. 2% cost of an individual’s income is the most common cost for Medicare.

On the other hand, another standard taxation scheme of government is the Private Health Insurance Rebate. The Australians can get money back on their private insurance premium through this. If you are an international resident, you must check whether the Medicare covers you; otherwise, you may have to buy a Private Insurance as a mandatory requirement for the visa.

In this article, we will try to bust some common myths regarding private health insurance in Australia.

I Have Medicare; I Don’t Need Private Health Insurance!

Many people may think, “Why do I need private health insurance if I have Medicare?” While a Medicare covers services like visiting a GP or a specialist, most surgeries, eye tests etc., services like ambulance, most dental services, costs of glasses or contact lenses and some other services are not covered by it.

This means that you may have to pay a hefty amount if you don’t have private insurance to cover you. So, if you were only relying on your Medicare, it’s time you considered having both of it.

I Don’t Need Health Insurance Because I Am Healthy!

Many consider that it is a waste of money if you buy private health insurance at a young age and comparatively healthy conditions. But, you need to understand that even a simple health hazard can leave you in an unexpected situation and cost you beyond your budget. So, it is always better to have proper health insurance to get the best medical treatment during an emergency.

Besides, if you have private insurance at a younger age, the premium tends to be low. The premium is likely to be increased with your age, too. You can also claim medical problems which are diagnosed over the years if there is no break in the policy. Arranging for funds at the eleventh hour can be a challenge for a person who hasn’t saved too much money. This is especially overwhelming for seniors because most illnesses hit at an older age. So purchasing health insurance at a younger age is advantageous and advisable.

Private Health Insurance Is Expensive!

This is a common belief in many people that private health insurance is quite expensive. Is this reality? A coin has two sides in it. If you compare between out of pocket costs for an overnight stay in a hospital and a private insurance cost, you will find the difference by yourself. On top of that, the situation can be unexpected and arranging that amount of money at one go can be difficult for an individual.

Secondly, many insurance providers customise the packages. It offers you and your family safe access to the healthcare you may need – at home or abroad. You are paying an average premium for health insurance in Australia, which you can tailor to suit your needs and budget; and if anything happens, you’ll have the back-up and assurance that support is just a call away.

Choosing Health Insurance Can Be Tiring!

There is no place for denial that it is indeed a much time taking a job to visit every insurance provider’s website to get the best deal. It also demands more and more research work because investing in a wrong policy can be risky, especially for those who don’t have access to Medicare facilities in Australia.

However, there are websites like where you can find different service providers listed under one platform. It is especially helpful for those temporary visa holders who are looking for an Overseas Health Insurance for their work visa.

This platform enables you to get the best quotes from leading service providers across Australia by just putting a few details. For example, if you are looking for the Visitor Health Insurance, select your visa type (600, 491 etc.), choose how many people you want to include in the cover (Single, Couple etc.), and visa start and end date- you are good to go! Now, check the best deals at one place.

Similarly, you can seek assistance from the customer executives. They guide you and give you useful tips and suggestions to help you pick the right health insurance policy.

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