Building Your Restaurant – Step 3 – Building

Building Your Restaurant – Step 3 – Building

The construction process is the step in creating your restaurant when things start moving. This does not mean that nothing happened before this point, but in general, there was not much in terms of a physical alteration of the site itself. Once construction begins, the entire project begins to become real.

During the restaurant building process

What you can expect throughout the construction process depends on the restaurant builder who hires to do the job. Each company has its own unique strategy. When working with RDDNY Restaurant Construction, you can expect this step of the process to include:

  • Weekly meetings were held with subcontractors to confirm the schedule going forward as well as safety compliance. This also provides an opportunity to discuss any current issues or new issues in more detail
  • Confirmation that all necessary insurance certificates and agreement signatures have been obtained from all subcontractors
  • Any newly required business law or safety labels have been installed along with a two-week schedule
  • Review the daily records of who was on the site and what was accomplished
  • Meetings involving all subcontractors before the start of the new business
  • Scheduling, tracking, and documents required for all required inspections
  • Create a positive slope for floor drain and waterproofing drains on wet walls
  • Protect the plumbing system from building debris
  • Keep up to date with updated graphics on-site and you will receive them upon completion of the project
  • Confirm the requirements of ADA compliance during work implementation
  • Ensure the quality installation and testing to reduce the possibility of rework
  • Marking or marking of all plumbing, electrical and mechanical equipment
  • Weekly business case reports are sent with photos sent to you every Monday in order to show progress and identify any pending issues that still require processing

Throughout the entire process, he will be a full-time site supervisor as long as any work is completed.

The company that specializes in establishing restaurants itself works as a call center and a central direction for all other parties involved in the project. This includes everyone from the architect to the owner, kitchen equipment supplier, subcontractors, design team, direct sellers, franchise holder if possible, and of course the owner.

The RDDNY project team coordinates each of these participants and makes sure everyone is up to date and knows what is expected of them and when to expect it. This effectively eliminates the need for assumptions or confusion regarding the progress of the business, ensuring the highest level of success.

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