If you often feel excited, angry, aggressive, or closed during anger from within, you may have trouble getting angry.

We operate anger management groups and provide anger management consulting between two people in more than 20 offices.

Close counselors and psychologists near you can provide you with tools to constructively deal with your anger. We can help you understand your anger, overcome it, calm down and express your anger in positive and fruitful ways. Counseling teaches you to explain your needs and get what you want without getting angry and without hurting others.

Associate counselors and psychologists, Sydney helpers are trained to help you overcome anger problems. For Sydney reservations with one of our qualified counselors or psychologists, contact us between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. Welcome to your inquiry.

We all get angry sometimes. It is what you do with your anger and how you control those angry feelings, and this is important if you want to live a balanced and satisfying life.

Anger issues are common

Excessive anger and difficulty expressing anger is one of the most common complaints from clients in individual or relationship counseling. For most people, anger issues have a severe impact on the quality of their lives and also affect those around you, whether at work, socially, or at home.

Anger is a strong emotion, if left unchecked, that can lead to episodes of anger or arbitrary, or violent behavior or stop you while trying to protect others from your anger.

This page is designed to help you understand more about your anger and to help you decide whether you want to speak to a therapist about your anger problem.

What is anger?

According to Charles Spielberger, Ph.D., anger is “an emotional state that differs in severity from mild irritation to intense anger and anger.” Feelings of anger, whether light or intense, can occur through external stimuli or due to something more internal. For example, you may be angry about the way your boss treats you, or is unable to control your anger with your partner because of not washing dishes, or your anger because the traffic is bad, or your child is suffering from obesity. These are all examples of anger caused by external events.

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