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Building Your Restaurant – Step 5 – Warranty

Building Your Restaurant – Step 5 – Warranty

The guarantee that you receive through a restaurant construction specialist is a problem that you will already review throughout the selection process for the construction company itself. However, after the construction is completed and the project is closed, the benefit you obtained during these previous steps will start benefiting you.

Our warranty

When you work with RDDNY Restaurant Construction, both this company and all of its subcontractors provide a one-year warranty on both labor and materials.

The guarantee provides you with a definition of all responsibilities and limitations of the guarantees by contractors and subcontractors to repair the construction project work. Although this does not usually cover the construction process, per se, the restaurant owner usually does not need to consider this guarantee even after the construction approaches in order to search for additional repairs.

The warranty provides specific criteria for determining what is and is not considered to be work and/or defective materials. This is not the same tacit guarantee, that you’ll see in contracts outside construction. It is important not to rely on an implied warranty when considering different construction companies as this could endanger your coverage.

RDDNY Restaurant Construction

It is important for the success of your project to ensure that you are covered by an explicit warranty contained in the contract agreement, supplementary terms and conditions, specifications or plans. It is also important to understand what exceptions are and to request them in writing. If you are not sure of the details of your warranty coverage, take the time to explain to you by the construction company.

RDDNY Restaurant Construction is a restaurant construction company that takes its warranty seriously. This is not only an opportunity to demonstrate that the company stands behind the work and materials used in each the project, but also provides the opportunity to give each customer and provide the care and support they deserve.

Part of the one-year RDDNY guarantee includes a meeting with the restaurant owner or manager and restaurant builder at the 11-month mark after the restaurant opens. This provides an opportunity to review the entire project while the warranty is still valid.

At that time, the owner or manager can draw the attention of RDDNY Restaurant Construction to any necessary repairs, giving the company time to complete it on time.

Of course, you can call RDDNY at any time throughout the warranty period to order covered repairs, but meeting 11 months after the opening helps make sure the opportunity is not lost. After all, at this point, you will be very busy with your successful restaurant. This meeting ensures that you get all the support you need to maintain in this way.

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