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Build A Strong Shelf Presence To Boost Brand Recognition And Sales

The shelf in the store is an important point of contact in the customer journey of every consumer. From the time a customer decides to visit the store through to the return journey with the items there are several areas where brands should be aware of the way their image is perceived by consumers door hangers.

Every little detail about shelf strip could make or break it for the customer. In this post we will discuss the importance of having a solid retail presence, particularly as the case with an FMCG brand. We’ll also offer a few tips about how to improve the shelf’s presence door hangers.

3 Shelf Presences For Best Practices

1. Find The Appropriate Packaging For Your Product

The shelf edge strips presence is greater than the shelf’s placement. It begins with how your product is presented. The colour used along with the text and material are crucial to the perception of your brand. Packaging can also encourage the purchase of impulse items.

Remember that although it is crucial to stay on top of fashions in the field of packaging, you might have to think twice prior to making changes to the look of your products.

2. A Well-Placed Placement Goes An Extremely Long Way

Making your product appear on the shelves of large retailers can be difficult. But it does give your brand the recognition you require. It is important to know that products aren’t arranged randomly in stores. There are some things you should be aware of when it comes to placement door hangers Faces the number of shelves (horizontal) will your SKU or brand be occupying within the store?

SOVI (Share of Visual Inventory)

What share of a specific category do you hold? To determine this you must divide the number of faces of your brand by the number of total facings within that category door hangers.

SOA (Share of Assortment)

How much control over the purchasing of customers do you hold? You can count the number of products or SKUs (not the faces) within one category, and then divide it by the number of SKUs or products you can offer in the category.

Shelf Level

Does your product stand right in front of your clients? Be sure your product is at the correct place on the shelves. This will permit you to increase sales.

Special Displays

End caps, self-standing displays as well as dump bins, are excellent options for companies that are looking to make a statement.

3. A Little Bit Of Creativity To Entice Shoppers

Alongside having the most effective place for your shelves you may also want to think about interacting with the customers’ needs at the moment of purchase. The robot POP display could aid in attracting customers and boost sales.

Because the market is crowded and crowded, it’s difficult for companies to be noticed. The activation of your brand with the help of experts can assist you distinguish your product.

Being able to establish a strong presence on the market is crucial in this competitive marketplace. Through the use of shelf wobbler strategies, you can help your product stand out. In addition, using this method of activation for your brand will engage your customers and boost sales when they purchase.

What Is the Point Of Purchase Marketing?

Point of purchase can be described as any place in the store where a buyer interacts in a conversation with the product. POP displays are actually displays that are separate from the aisle shelves which effectively insert the product onto the shopper’s route through the shop.

Purchase V/s. Point At Purchase In Contrast To The Point Of Sale

It is a common misconception that point of purchase is referring solely to the place within the store in which the transfer of funds to purchase the item in the register. Point of purchase may be much more expensive than that and can actually be a significant part of the whole retail store.

The register line itself is typically known as “the “point of sale” because it’s at this point that the purchaser has paid for their purchase and has completed the transaction. The two terms are often used interchangeably, but you should think of the point of sale as a narrower method of looking at the point of purchase.

According to these definitions the term point of purchase marketing could be described as the marketing or merchandising tools your company provides its retail partners to boost sales of your product at the point of purchase or other products you add to the product wherever it is placed.

6 Advantages Of Effective Displays At Point Of Purchase

Effective shelf talker at the point of purchase provides many advantages to stores and helps the buyer and retailer to be awed by your brand. Displays at the point of purchase have been proven to increase sales at retail by as much as 20 percent! To help you understand this into the simplest terms, here are the top 6 benefits of effective point-of-purchase displays.

Make Sure You Catch The Eye Of Your Customer

Customers in a shop are referred to as “skimmers,” meaning that they’ll walk around the aisles looking for something specific. Packaging on its own, no matter how appealing or attractive it may be, often isn’t enough to have a big impact on customers without assistance.

This is the place where your display can help. Utilising larger media like the cardboard display or a sign for your product can increase the chances that buyers will be able to take notice.

Add To Your Packaging

You’ve got a wonderful product and want to get it out to the maximum number of people. There’s a lot to write about, however it’s difficult to squeeze everything onto an unwieldy label or in a box.

As well as making your brand visible and easily recognized, they also give you an opportunity to inform customers about the distinct benefits your product can bring. This is accomplished by offering personalised door hangers that can’t fit in your packaging, or by making your brand’s appearance larger to assist in branding.

Find Your Products Strategically

Displays for point of purchase typically stand-alone, or accessories that are placed on the end of shelves. This allows retailers and you the option of a greater variety in deciding where to place your product.

It’s also a good opportunity to place your company in the same space as any other items it might be utilised with, even when the traditional shelf space isn’t there.

Help Your Retailer Merchandize Your Products

The most common issue for brands is making sure that their merchandise is sold efficiently at retail. By putting up a display of your item, you’ll be capable of deciding the way you would like your brand’s image to be displayed in the store, saving retailers and you lots of hassle.

To Be More Cost-Effective

Advertising your business across a variety of media platforms is expensive. Displays at the point of sale, such as signs or posters allow you to say what you could have written within a newspaper or billboard for less than the price.

It’s possible to use the same advertisements or messages however; you can modify them to fit into a store’s poster or display. In addition it’s much easier to appeal to an audience that is more relevant that will be directly impacted by your ads.

Target Impulse Buyers

It’s easier to get buyers to purchase your product when they are at a location in the hopes of purchasing something. The majority of door hangers are typically unplanned, particularly those in the food and drink sector, which means that point-of-purchase marketing can be a significant influence on the sales you make.

Price Tag Holders

A price tag holder shows the price and sales details to the customers. They may also display graphics as well as UPC information. Retail price holders could be an innovative method to display information about the product or highlight the pricing information for the item.

They come in various sizes and sizes, allowing you to select the size that is appropriate for a specific product. The price tag holders can be a practical , inexpensive and attractive method to advertise special pricing and attract the attention of potential customers.

Shelf Clip Strip

Shelf edge strips get its name because of the fact that the item is of a certain length and includes clips regularly, in which products can be placed. If these clips are correctly promoted they could induce impulse purchases from customers.

They are great for highlighting products like toys, snacks, candy or health-related products. The items in the shelf clip strip can educate customers about their potential use with products on the shelf by them (which give you a good opportunity for cross-merchandising).

They could advertise the newest offers and specials provided by the retailer as well as increase the retail space by making use of shelves that could be empty if clips were not utilised.

Channel Shelf Strips

Shelf strips for channel shelves are small pieces of banner fabric that could be utilised by retailers to display details about sales or give the customer a visual clue which increases the visibility of specific products.

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