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Breathing exercises for erectile dysfunction

Breathing exercises are a huge stress reliever for both males and females. Stress, anxiety, physical and mental tension kill the joy of living in a moment. These harmful issues also create a problem in the intimate aspect of life.

It has been proved that stress and anxiety is a major cause of erectile dysfunction in younger males. Both these issues feed each other. It may be normal to experience them from time to time , but constant untreated stress can increase physical and mental issues to derail the whole life and with it the erection process . Breathing exercises including the pranayam helps males to deal with mental issues permanently and effectively without depending on medicines.  In fact without a relaxed mind, one cannot get the desired benefits from Generic Levitra 40mg, as the brain needs to send neurotransmitters to trigger the central nervous system which releases blood circulation for an erection.

Proper breathing to lower stress

Conscious breathing is proper breathing. It is the effective way to deal with mental issues including stress, anxiety and depression. Stress increases the chances of erectile dysfunction in males, as it does not allow the brain to take part in the erection process. Without a brain as mentioned, even erection boosting medicines do not work. Breathing normalizes the nervous system, which helps it to take part in the erection process.

Stress in breathing is interpreted by the body as stress and fight for survival. At this point, the stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol increase. This is why relaxed breathing improves functions of vital organs of the body. The overall impact is improvement in blood circulation, relaxed body and relaxed mind.

 Lower stress increases the ability to get excited

The smooth erection depends a lot on a relaxed body and mind. Stress leads to increase in contraction in muscles which fail to take part in the erection process. Contraction in blood vessels reduces the flow of blood. The reduction in blood flow is directly proportional to contraction in the blood nerves. A high uncontrolled stress leads to problems in the erection process.

Nasal breathing for increased erection

Some medical experts are of the view that nasal breathing leads to an increase in nitric oxide in the body. When we breathe through the nose, the nitric oxide is also taken to the body where it dilates blood nerves. The nasal breathing ensures that nitric oxide goes into blood nerves effectively.

The nitric oxide, the experts believe, is produced by sinuses in the nose. And nose breathing is the best way to ensure that more and more nitric oxide reaches to blood vessels.

The results from a study group confirmed this thesis .males with nasal polyps had reduced erection. When the polyps were removed through surgery, the erection improved through smooth nasal breathing.

Bhramari Pranayama

In this breathing pattern, the breathing is done through the nose. During the exhaling, a humming sound is produced through mouth without opening the mouth.  This breathing technique is also known as humming bee sound breathing technique. It controls mood swings, anger, frustration, stress, manages blood circulation to some degree and creates inner awareness.  The vibration produced during humming the sound calms the mind by stimulating the nerves of the brain.

Benefits of pranayama

Regular practices of breathing exercises in pranayama produce energy in the body. Improved energy leads to increase in enthusiasm, which proves every aspect of life. Breathing exercises unblock energy points thus expand our spirit and ensure smoother flow of energy throughout the body. it is also a great way to detoxify the body naturally .

There are various types of breathing patterns under pranayama. If possible, one can practice all in one session, but at least a couple of these breathing practices should be done regularly to get the desired results. The most famous are alternative nostril breathing, diaphragm breathing and shining skull breathing.  The best thing is that you can get the same benefits from doing a couple of these practices.

Different Types of Physical Therapy For Different Issues

The greater benefit which improves our ability to have a normal erection is harmony between mind, body and spirit. The relaxed phase in which body , mind and heart is on one page help a male to get the necessary stimulation for an erection to take place . A relaxed body and mind, even with erection issues can consult a doctor for erection boosting support. Sildenafil citrate 150mg suggested by a doctor also works only when a male is stimulated. And stimulation comes with relaxation. So, every breathing exercise which helps physically or mental plays a part in curing erectile dysfunction.


Breathing exercises known as pranayama in yoga play an important part in the physical and mental relaxation. These techniques are proven techniques which have worked for countless men and women. Not only when gets a permanent cure for erectile dysfunction, but these exercises bring clarity to mind and help us make good decisions in life.



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