What to Do on Your Desert Safari in Dubai

A desert safari in Dubai is an incredible adventure and the best way to discover the beauties of the UAE. Dubai is the most visited destination for holiday makers and is a paradise on earth. You can enjoy the charm of the natural wonders of the UAE through a desert safari in Dubai. It is an exciting journey through the various wildlife parks, sand dunes, valleys, lakes, and the amazing artificial structures of the city.

There are several tourist destinations that you can visit while taking a desert safari Dubai. Al Hajar Mountains is one of the most popular attraction in the emirate. Al Hajar Mountains is an excellent place for trekkers, nature lovers and photographers. In the foothills of the mountain, you will find some of the best spring water in the world. After taking a hot air balloon ride over the mountains, you can go for Jeep safari in the wild desert. You will see the spectacular scenery and landscape of al Hajar Mountains.

Another attraction of desert safari in Dubai is the Al Zeben Spot, which is a famous hot spot for desert safari in Dubai. This place has always been one of the top most tourist attractions of the city. Here, you will see the perfect setting of hot desert sunsets. Riding on a camel across the hot desert sands will be like the sunset view on Earth. Taking a 4×4 drive on the sand dunes and observing the beauty of the desert will surely make your trip to Dubai memorable.

Al Hamid Bin Mastun is another attraction of desert safari in Dubai. This holy site is famous for the amazing camel riding experience. Besides, there are other things to do at this place such as desert safaris, desert camping, Jeep safaris, hiking etc. The beautiful sand dunes are also very popular among honeymooners and romantic couples.

If you wish to go for a desert safari in Dubai, a hot air balloon ride is also an amazing experience. This desert safari will take you to the world’s flattest desert. The hot air balloon will carry you high into the air where you can enjoy the view of the lovely landscape. This is an exciting desert safari in Dubai and thousands of tourists from all around the world take this route every year.

Al Ummaybi is also a famous spot for desert safari in Dubai. It was here that Bin Laden got the intelligence about the US invasion of Iraq. Al Ummaybi is an ancient Arab town and is well preserved. You can also go for camel safaris and visit the Umaidah palace which is built in 14th century. The palace also houses some of bin Laden’s artifacts.

There is another place which is also famous among adventure enthusiasts. Mount Kilimanjaro is one of the most visited spots by people all over the world. It is located in Tanzania and is popular for its extreme beauty. There are two popular methods to reach Kilimanjaro; one is by road and other is by plane. Both these methods take you to the base of the mountain. Once you reach the base of the mountain, you can take a cable car to reach the summit.

You should also see some of the natural reserves that Dubai has. These parks have a lot to offer. You can enjoy the deserts, hot air balloon rides and see the native tribes of the area on a desert safari in Dubai.

Go for shopping if you want to spend your whole day at the city. But if you don’t have the time to do so, there is no other option but to go for a desert safari. Just select any place in Dubai and have a luxurious time with unlimited shopping options. The shopping ranges from local arts and crafts to designer stores. There are several places where you can buy such items. One place like Burj Al Arab, which has all the elements of local fashion and architecture. Just select any place in Dubai and have a luxurious time with unlimited shopping options.

Dubai has many things to see and places to go for a vacation. So, you can really explore and see more when you are here. You can stay in any hotel of your choice. The hotels of Dubai provide luxurious facilities like internet, LCD televisions, fitness equipment, and swimming pools etc.

You can also enjoy the desert safari in Dubai with your family and friends. So, you need to plan your vacation well in advance to avoid last minute rush. The Internet is the best source to find information about desert safari Dubai. It gives you details about the places, hotels, tourist agencies, and restaurants where you can have your desert safari. Plan your tour with such a professional approach to enjoy the trip to the fullest.

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