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Best Voice API and SDK Providers – Every Developer Look for!

Real time communication, the digitized way of instant conversation that connects the businesses with their customers globally. Where the variety of communication modes accelerates the entire world for the better, it’s the voice call api that make sense for most of the businesses when it comes to investment which is comparatively lesser then video chat apps development. So, This simple concept has covered the attention of so many businesses.

Therefore, In this article I have focused on covering the best voice API & SDK that have made the most of its impact across a variety of streams in the present market, all based on my research. 

So, with no more delay let’s get started and explore the most,

Best Voice Call API for your Web or Mobile App Development

1) Google Voice API

Google Voice API also known as Google Cloud Speech APIs or Cloud Speech-to-Text API that enables an easy integration of Google speech recognition technologies into any mobile and web app. However, These Google voice APIs allow the developers to translate the audio file to text messages by using the most powerful neural network models.

Google voice API gets their users permission and asks a follow-up query before, so its performing any action no matter whether your app uses a system or custom voice action.

Google Voice API’s Best Audio Call Features

  • Supports a global user base model
  • Recognizes 80+ languages and variants
  • Uses Neural Network models
  • Easily converts audio to text message format


  • Easy user interface
  • Integration works well across Google products like Gmail
  • Exceptional call forwarding
  • Voicemail transcription


  • It works well only when there is a phone number attached to it from the major telecom companies regardless of VoIP
  • In addition, it is difficult to switch from one phone to another line

Pricing – Free with limited usage, for extended usage need to contact

2) Viber Voice API

Viber voice API is a cross-platform communication and instant messaging application that is open and free to use. It is an app that’s free to download and also it enables its users to make free calls, send text messages, images, audio/video messages to other Viber users.

The Viber voice APIs allow you to tap into the application’s infrastructure and have secure conversations. Viber REST API can be used on any pre-built or existing app using a deep-link.

Viber Voice API’s Best Audio Call Features

  • Change Wi-Fi sleep policy
  • Alert/Notifications
  • Make Voice calling
  • Stickers and GIF
  • Block and unblock contacts
  • Turf off notifications and status


  • Viber works well on all the platforms
  • Desktop version is great wherein can switch between desktop and mobile version within a conversation
  • Available with a good user base with Sharing high-quality jpeg files
  • Easy integration process


  • Does not allows to update images
  • Viber allows the strangers to contact without restriction which is most irritating
  • File sharing is limited
  • Contains a large amount of ads

Pricing – Available for Free 

3) WeChat Voice API

WeChat is a free messaging and calling app that is available on iOS, Android, MacOS and web app. It is an app with a monthly user base of about 1 billion users. WeChat API allows you with easy access to the features and integrate them into your specific use cases. Because, This comes with methods for interacting with voice calls and other types of content. 

WeChat Voice API’s Best Audio Call Features

  • Share Localization
  • Scan QR code
  • WeChat Payments
  • Video messages
  • Voice calling

Pros –

  • Over one billion monthly active users
  • WeChat’s mini-programs enable businesses to create mini-apps. User can not only communicate with businesses but also easily transact with them

Cons – 

  • Forcing businesses to go with other different channels to communicate with users of different regions
  • Not consistent with rules as they are modified on regular basis, which is difficult for businesses to have a track off

Pricing – Available for Free 

4) LINE Messaging Voice API

Line Messaging Voice API is an application that helps the real-time communication on a vast range with electronic devices using video and voice calls, images, and text messages. It offers its messaging APIs and creates reliable two-way communication capabilities between their applications and LINE users. Because, these APIs are used to send and receive various types of messages. So that include audio/video messages.

Line Messaging Voice API’s Best Audio Call Features 

  • Voice calls
  • Timed messages
  • Group voice calls
  • Stickers

Pros –

  • It is capable to hold up to 100 members
  • You can call other people without having to pay by credit only with internet connection
  • It uses the phone number as the identity number of your account
  • You can add friends using QR codes for free

Cons – 

  • Sending and receiving data in the LINE application is not stable
  • Call features works well only when you have at least 3G/HSDPA data
  • The larger the size of the application is, the more be the impact of it over the performance

Pricing – Available for Free 

5) Facebook Messenger Voice API

Facebook Messenger is an instant messaging feature built into Facebook. It connects to the Facebook database and replaces the in-app Facebook messaging service. Hence, messenger is a Facebook-owned separate messaging application that allows the people to connect and interact easily using its instant messaging option. So, It provides special features like emojis, GIFs to make the interaction more fun and exciting. 

Because, Facebook Messenger is compatible enough to work on any platform or device like iOS, Android and web apps.

Facebook Messenger Voice API’s Best Audio Call Features

  • Voice calls
  • Record voice messages
  • Group chats
  • live voice calling

Pros –

  • So the chatting system is very fast to connect, send and receive messages
  • can send messages and pictures without the cost
  • users can send files and links with ease

Cons – 

  • Issues with security and privacy
  • Drains device’s battery very quickly
  • It consumes a lot of space

Pricing – Available for Free 

6) Telegram Voice API

Telegram voice API is an online messaging service that supports instant and secure communication in real time across multiple platforms. Because it is a cloud-based service that mainly prioritizes security and speed. In addition, It’s APIs are used to connect with people across the world using Wi-Fi or mobile data.

Also provides a comprehensive documentation that is full of code samples. So, that can be easily taken as an assistance to integrate and build a voice chat app.

Telegram Voice API’s Best Audio Call Features

  • share live location
  • voice calling
  • Auto-night mode
  • Customizable with appearance
  • Mute contact and Group

Pros –

  • If Data security and Privacy are the absolute
  • Easy to use, much use-friendly interface
  • File sharing
  • Super with audio/video calling features
  • Channel and group formations

Cons – 

  • Might have some vibrant gif files like Viber
  • Sometimes it’s hard to identify the channels or groups
  • Need to encrypt users chat privacy
  • So Unable to identify whether the other users are available online or not

Pricing – Available for Free 


I hope that my research on the top voice call API providers would have given you some clarity about the current market. Because, now it’s up to you to make a decision as to whom to approach to build your best audio call app to explore your business worldwide. 

But, still if you feel you need some guidance – feel free to contact me for further assistance. I am here to help you with my dedicated team for your betterment.

All the Best!

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