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Android VS. Apple For Healthcare App Developers

Healthcare App Development is thriving due to the spread of COVID-19 and application development is now considered a very crucial part of the field of development. It fulfills every need of the users of an organization in every aspect. Now applications are being made by keeping various factors in mind, as some operate in different operating systems like operating system macOS it will run apps according to their systems whereas Android runs different apps that suit Android operating systems.

These applications cannot be combined and run on every operating system. According to the estimation done in 2018, Android apps cover 80 percent of the market than iOS applications. These applications came into the market covering various fields like health care, meeting money issues, transportation facility issues, etc. But here we put more light on healthcare app development. The demand for healthcare app development is increasing exponentially and it might be confusing for investors and developers as both platforms are equally important. In this article, you will read about all the differences between android and ios. As it will help you to choose the platform for your healthcare app development.

Healthcare Applications: Android V/S iOS

In this article, we outline all the differences between Android applications and ios applications. This will help you to figure out which is best for you and provide you with a clear idea about this system.

Market Aspects

Market aspects are a very crucial factor that you must consider before selecting any platform for developing your application. Here is the list of key factors that you must consider if you are looking for healthcare IT solutions.

1. Market Share Of Units

Taking market expansion into consideration, Android is the widest platform from a market point of view by 2016. In 2018 over 217.72 million iOS smartphones were sold by Apple. Competition is getting higher in terms of quality and quantity from both platforms and healthcare app developers. In comparison, according to Gartner statistics, Android sold 1.3 billion units in 2017 and is still increasing its demands in the market. This shows that Android apps are more in demand and you can prefer to develop them for Android as more people will be able to use them.

2. Market Share Of Apps

According to the estimation done till December 2018, Google Play Store had 2.6 million applications available for download, whereas iOS stood at second position with 2 million applications. Healthcare app developers from both platforms are doing their best for taking their reach to another level.

3. App Downloads

According to the statistics, it is proved that a total of 28.4 billion apps were downloaded from both the iOS and Google Play Store in 2018. To be precise the downloads of Google Play Store were 20 billion out of it. This clearly shows that Android apps are more popular. If you also want to develop an Android healthcare app then you must hire dedicated developers.

All of the above-mentioned statistics show that android applications are very popular all over the world. A healthcare application is very important for everyone so if you want more people to use your healthcare application then you must go for android healthcare app developers.

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Technical Aspects

After analyzing the market aspects, the next thing that should be considered is the technical aspects. You should analyze both platforms and then look for the best iOS and Android app development companies. Here is a list of some of the technical aspects that you must consider.

1. Development Cost

It is very difficult to analyze the cost involved in app development for any platform. It depends completely on the type of app you want to develop and the niche in which you want to work with. In the case of healthcare, both the Android and iOS app development companies can make a hole in your pocket. As healthcare is already a very expensive sector, you must choose the platform wisely so that it does not make a hole in your pocket, and also it must not be expensive for your consumers.

2. Development Time

As Android apps are more complex, they take 30-40 percent more time than Android apps to develop. This makes the development process for the Android applications a bit slower but the result is worthwhile. If you want your applications to be less complex and to get developed quickly then you must hire iOS developers.

3. Development Complexity

As is already mentioned above, Android applications are much more complex than most iOS applications. This is a great benefit as you can add a lot of features to an app. More complexities will also ensure that the data it is retrieving is accurate and efficient. If you are interested in developing Android applications then you must hire Android app developers.

Difference Between Android And IOS Healthcare Apps

As you already know, it can be very costly to build an application for both platforms at the same time and can be risky too. Here’s a basic difference between them and then you can select the mobile application development company as per your choice. Here is the list of differences between Android and iOS platforms. The doctor on-demand applications are getting popular in the light of covid-19 as people cannot get in touch with doctors physically if not necessary.

1. Source

Android is an open-source platform and iOS is a closed platform with open source components. If you want an open-source platform for healthcare app development then you can choose Android as your platform.

2. Customizability

You can easily customize the Android applications as much as you want. On the other hand, iOS applications have very few customization options and if you want to customize it then you have to get it jailbroken. You must check healthcare IT solutions for analyzing and deciding the best platform for you.

3. Available languages

If you are interested in developing the app on the Android platform, you will get 100+ options of languages to work with. This widens the variety of options that you can have and you must hire dedicated developers to do so. On the other hand, iOS only enables you to work with 34 languages.

4. User Experience

IOS apps provide an excellent user experience as they are easy to use and simple, but they are not compatible with VR. On the contrary, android apps can be a bit difficult to use because of their complexity and more features but they are fully compatible with AR/VR. If you also want your healthcare application to be compatible with AR/VR then you can hire an Android app development company.

Pros And Cons Of Android And IOS

Healthcare applications is an on-demand solution similar to doctor on-demand app or pharmacy app development. With all the differences mentioned above, Android and iOS have their own pros and cons and some of them are mentioned as follows:

1. App Ecosystem

As the variety of companies that support Android is huge on the market, hence it provides more options to choose from. On the other hand, your one iOS application will be compatible with all of your iOS devices. If you to develop a healthcare application on iOS so that it must be compatible with all the devices then you must hire an iOS app development company.

2. Speed

The mean download speed of Android apps is high but the overall speed of iOS devices is much higher than that of Android devices. If you also want to develop healthcare applications that work on devices with higher speeds, then you must hire iOS developers.

3. Data Privacy And Security

As healthcare applications need higher data security and privacy then this could be a bit tricky with the Android applications. The data security of Android applications depends on how much access the user gives. This means that data security and privacy are not as secure on Android devices as it is on iOS but it can definitely be controlled by the users. You must consult your mobile application development company before finalizing the platform that you want to work with.


Choosing the platform for building healthcare apps can be a bit critical. You must be aware of all the market and technical aspects and should know all the basic key differences. If you want to develop an application with a lot of features and that will gain more popularity, then you must hire Android app developers.

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