Make Wooden Beads Bracelet in Simple Steps

Beads are physical pieces of work that look sophisticated and attractive. You can see some beads around the neck of the person who has put on a double-strand necklace with lots of small beads. Beads have always been an integral part of any kind of jewelry design. Wooden bead making is one craft you can enjoy on your own or with friends and family members. This is one craft that you can develop or improve your knitting, sewing, and weaving skills.


The beads are made through many different processes, but most of them are designed just to add beauty to the bead surface. These natural beads for bracelets can be made out of different materials such as gemstones, plastic, glass, and even wood among other materials. Wood is a beautiful material used in making beads. A wooden bead is smooth and shiny like a glass bead and at the same time, it has a distinctive look.


Materials and Tools Needed to Make a Wooden Beaded Bracelet 


To make a wooden natural beads for bracelets you need the following tools and materials:


  • A long and thin stick – you can use chopsticks, a knitting needle, or any item that can be long and thin.
  • Scissors or knife– You will be using these to cut pieces of yarn at specific lengths.
  • Small screwdriver – You will use this for making holes in the beads. 
  • A small hammer – This is for helping to make holes in the beads.
  • A needle – You can use cotton, embroidery, or sewing needles.
  • A book of beads – You will be using these when you want to select the right size of beads to make. 


Carving and Cutting Wooden Beads 


The first step is to make a rough outline of the pattern you wish to carve into the surface of the wood. This could be a flower, plant, animal, or any design that you like. To do this, hold the stick and place it vertically on a flat surface. Make sure that the stick is vertical and not slanted.


You should make sure that you have a pattern on which you are going to carve the beads. The pattern can be just about anything you want depending on what design you want for your natural beads for bracelets.


To make a rough shape, use a pencil and draw lines on the stick in different directions to define the pattern space. Do this until you have a rough outline of the entire pattern. You can also use any other sharp object to draw the rough outline.


You shouldn’t carve all the way through. If you are carving a pattern for your bead, then wait until you get to the details of the pattern to start carving more carefully. Cut a small piece from one end of the stick leaving enough space for your hand to hold it properly. This will act as a handle for your beard when it is finally completed.


Carving the Beads 


Now it is time to carve the beads. This can be done using a hammer or scalpel if you prefer. Cut about 1 inch (2.5 cm) sections from the beads along with a little bit of the stick too. The string will be used later to form the bracelet. It should be long enough to circle both your wrist and hand.


After you have cut the beads from the stick, use sandpaper to smooth the surfaces. Use sandpaper of varying coarseness depending on the amount of smoothening required for each bead. The surface should now look clean, even, and smooth.


Take a piece of string and tie it around your wrist so that you can get an idea of how big your bracelet is going to be. The string should be long enough to circle both your wrist and hand with some extra length for tying a knot at the end.


If you are satisfied with the length of the natural beads for bracelets, then remove the string from your wrist and thread each bead onto the string starting from the second bead from the end. Make sure that each bead is tightly fastened to one another because when you tie a knot, this would be a one-way ticket for any beads that fall off.


It should be ensured that each bead is securely fastened to one another by tightening off any loose strings or threads.


When you are done, take the end of the string and make a knot over the last bead in the string to secure them together. Now you have your wooden natural beads for bracelets.


Why a Wooden Bracelet?


This simple design can be used to decorate and design various items. The same method can be used in making other objects such as rings and brooches. The wooden beads can also be used for fashion designing like using them in necklaces, anklets, handbags, belts, bracelets, and even saris.


Making a wooden bead bracelet is easy and it can be done in simple steps as illustrated above. The bracelet you make can be used as a way of dressing yourself or it can also be gifted to close friends and family members. This can also be made as an item for your home décor to give it an attractive look.


The wooden bead necklace is an elegant necklace that you can wear to enhance your beauty and make you look more stunning than ever before. It is also a great gift for your friends and family members too.


Step-By-Step Process to Make The Wooden Bracelet.




Pick the wood for your beads. Picking the wood that you want to make the beads from is important. You can choose woods that are smooth, sturdy, and durable. Oak is a good choice if you are looking for a strong and sturdy wood to make your natural beads for bracelets.


Wood from fruit tree stumps can also be used in making wooden beads. Walnut is usually used but other types of fruit trees will also give you good results. In case the wood has knots, be sure to take a knife and remove the knots completely.


Step 2


Work out the size of your beads. This can be done by using a ruler and then estimating how many beads you need to make.


Step 3


Carve out a pattern on your wood surface. To do this, draw double lines on the wood with a pencil or chalk to create an outline of the pattern that you want to be made on it. The pattern should be free of knots and grooves. 


Step 4


Working with the saw, cut out the beads you need to create your bracelet. The saw should be sharp and strong enough to cut through the wood easily.


Step 5 


After you have finished carving all the beads, work on smoothing the surface by sanding it down very well.


Step 6


Thread each bead onto a needle to create the Wooden natural beads for bracelets. This can be done in any order you want. 


Step 7


Tie a knot at the end of the needle to close the bracelet. This should be done carefully for it not to break through your beads and drop down to your wrist. 


The crafts are very easy to make at home with the use of just a few materials. Wooden beads can be used in making various crafts such as necklaces, pendants, earrings, and key chains too. Some people like to have wooden beads that have bright and vibrant colors. To achieve this effect, you can add paints of your choice onto the beads while they are being dried out in the sun or outside.


People from the ancient days used wood beads to make bracelets, necklaces, and other accessories. They were primitive jewelry items that were worn by the people for a long time.


The natural beads for bracelets are made of wood, poured with some water, and have been left to dry in the sun or on a hot plate. The size of the bead varies according to what you want to use them for. The strips are then carved out and dried again so that they become smooth and easy to handle.


Wooden beads can be used to make jewelry for yourself or as gifts for your family members and friends. They can also be made into decorative items around the house as well.


How to Start a Wooden Bead Business?


  • A wooden bead business is a fun and exciting venture to start. It can be very challenging too however if you set your head on it.
  • Wooden beads have been used in making various crafts from ancient times. You can use them to make many types of jewelry items for yourself and your families such as necklaces, bracelets, rings, and key chains too.
  • These natural beads for bracelets are also great for decorating items around the house including lamps, furniture, candleholders, and much more. People often use the beads to create other items such as jewelry boxes and frames too.
  • Wooden beads can be made using wood scraps that you have in your home. They are very easy to design and make as well.
  • You can create crafts by using wooden beads that have bright colors and designs on them too. These would look very effective as they are worn around the neck, wrist, or even at your earlobes or arms.
  • It can be used to decorate different items in the house including tables and chairs which would surely make your home look more attractive.
  • These beads are handmade and they are durable too. They can be made into various shapes and sizes according to what you need or to wear.


There are many people today who start their own business with wooden natural beads for bracelets as what they sell and are doing quite great in their jobs.

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